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Video gaming is now a worldwide enterprise that spans in several demographics. It has become the definitive way for people to interact and relate with one another. It’s an industry where the trends and software upgrades keep on changing. Below are some of the future trends of video gaming.

Parents Are More Lenient On Gaming Than Ever

“I wish my kids would go and have fun with football as we did, I don’t understand these video games how they are helping you!” if your parents were a boomer, you automatically had this sentiment so many times. But of late, things are changing, many kids grew up at that point are now parents, and it brings the fact that they are still gamers.

Gamers Are More Involved In Design

Games like Super Mario Maker, PUBG, Minecraft, Animal Crossing they provide a user interface to players to be a part and parcel in developing their experience. They establish and create “mods “for their characters, and then they share the creations with others.

player unknown battleground pubg

Indie Games Are Going Mainstream

Back in the days when you wanted a mass play in your game, you had to be networked with one of the huge software development and worked in the public premises by one of the big three console developers. The video gaming industry is changing rapidly, gaming platforms such as steam and Zyga provide independent game developers an opportunity to get their product to the public.

Older Generations Are Embracing Gaming

Nowadays life activities are rapidly undergoing a revolution, and the gaming habits of kids are embracing video games through playing through gaming in social media. Most of the games like Scrabble and Yahtzee those older generations are familiar with and they are not complicated as such, but they low intensity games. Most often the games include a live chat, and this gives a greater opportunity for gamers to interact while playing this creates a socialization platform that the older generation might be missing.

AR AND VR Are Taking Video Gaming Off The Screen To Real Life

ar vr future of gaming
The most modern player software released Oculus Rift changes is sign that the gaming industry is undergoing spectacular changes. Not only Oculus Rift is available but there many more like the Google Cardboard which is making the Virtual reality available to the general public.

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Trolling Is Becoming Less Acceptable

It’s sad that multiplayer online gaming was a “haven for trolls” until very recently. Players had the capability of unloading a wide variety of sexiest, racist and threatening epithets with restrictions or repercussions whatsoever. The companies involved ignored that the online gamers were only young men and teenage boys and stating that the behavior was okay “boys will be boys” and as a much as the companies are making money their no problem. More significantly, the companies realize the more negative impacts they pose to teenagers, and they have halted such kind of activity.

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