the reasons to use shopify for your online store
If you are planning on setting up your very own online shop, you should know that there are various options available when creating such a business. There is the option of setting up a traditional ecommerce website from scratch, selling directly on the likes of eBay and Amazon, using a drop shipping service, selling affiliate goods, and so on.

For those starting out, arguably the best option is going with an all-in-one ecommerce solution. In particular, that means using Shopify. If you’re not familiar with Shopify, it is known as a hosted ecommerce solution (aka turn-key ecommerce). This means that it supplies essentially everything that is needed – from the start until the finish – of producing an ecommerce site. Admittedly you need to come up with an idea and choose the right products, but all the pieces are there to put together into an attractive package.

So with that said, here are the main reasons why you should choose Shopify for your online store.

It has all the standard features you need out of the box

As already touched upon, everything is there from the very start to create a professional ecommerce website with Shopify. This is especially beneficial if you don’t want to piece together all the individual pieces that are needed for developing a high-quality, proficient ecommerce site.

Thanks to using Shopify, you will have everything there in your hands to begin building a quality storefront. Customizing the style of your shop, adding/removing products in a seamless fashion, integrating payment options, adding analytic statistics – all of this can be done easily by even those that are new to the website building process.

Guaranteed security and speed as a web host

If you go down the route of choosing a web host, there are various pitfalls that could cause problems for your ecommerce store. For example, a specific web host might claim to have a ‘99.9% uptime’ for all of their sites, but this could prove to be far from the truth. The same can also be said for download speeds, where your website is slow to respond to a new visitor – and if you’ve ever been faced with an overly long loading screen, you know how much this can negatively impact your initial desire to access a site.

With Spotify, however, it has a strong reputation for supplying fast speeds alongside being reliable. On top of that, you don’t have to worry about hackers, caching and such things. This is because the platform – due to its global size and specializing in ecommerce – has a team of experts behind the scenes working against such harmful threats.

Direct customer support is always available

If you are creating an ecommerce website on your own (well, with something like WordPress at least), getting direct customer support is often not easy. Yes, popular site building platforms like the aforementioned WordPress and Joomla will have numerous guides available to help with certain issues, but getting into direct contact with a staff member is a little trickier. In fact, your main port of call will often be an unresponsive forum that represents such platforms.

With Shopify, that is not a concern.

Thanks to offering email, live chat and even phone support, getting into direct contact with a Shopify representative is a breeze. This means that not only will you get a response fast, but you will also get answers to your enquiries fast. So if you’ve hit a stumbling block, it will be removed a long time before it becomes nightmare fuel. Plus before you even feel the need to get into touch in that way, Shopify has an expansive FAQ database – so the answer you seek might already have been posted and available already.

Easy to design a fresh and contemporary website

At times, there seems to be a preconceived notion that all-in-one website packages are restricted with regards to designing an attractive website. Now it’s true that they won’t have the flexibility of those devised from scratch, it is still simple to produce a site that is responsive, modern and appealing – at least in Shopify’s case.

In fact, Shopify looks aesthetically pleasing right out of the box. You have a number of free themes available from the start to develop an eye-catching site, while there’s also a healthy selection of custom-built themes on the marketplace to purchase if you feel the need to go with something more premium. Also, do not think that you can’t customize these themes. If you’re a competent developer or designer – or if you decide to hire a specialist freelancer/company – you have the ability to create the website into anything you pretty much wish.

Your standard marketing needs are included

standard marketing needs
It goes without saying, but online marketing is an integral part to creating a successful ecommerce business. Well thankfully, Shopify had this firmly in mind when developing their platform.

For one example, they have all of your SEO needs covered. They will allow you to create the likes of meta descriptions and custom title tags. On top of that, Shopify also has 100% clean and crawlable code – something that is greatly appreciated by Google.

If you are going with an AdWords or email marketing campaign, Shopify also provides you with the opportunity to easily develop and implement a landing page. This can work wonders for your digital marketing needs.

Missing something? There are add-ons available too!

Now while Shopify has pretty much everything you could wish for when creating an ecommerce website that shines with quality, this doesn’t mean that it has everything for your business overall.

To compensate for this, and following the likes of Apple and Facebook, Shopify actually has its very own App Store. From here you can get plenty of add-ons that will supply even more functionality via Shopify. You can integrate Shopify ecommerce with Netsuite for just one instance, which gives you the previously mentioned advantages of Shopify alongside the cloud-based behemoth that is Netsuite that delivers CRM and accounting benefits. The ability to add-on extras (or take things away) means you can personalize Shopify for you own business needs.

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