business trade show design tipsWe’ve all been there: you’re ready to take on another trade show and are standing in your exhibit display booth ready to greet customers as you notice flocks of event attendees run past you to the big, flashy booth at the front of the venue hall.

Your exhibit display booth is essentially a direct extension of your brand. It is the first thing that attendees notice as they walk by you, and you have to ensure that it’s perfectly executed to spark interest and curiosity from guests of the event.

Work with a marketing company that offers custom trade show exhibition design services from marketing and design professionals. Sit down with the experts and explain your brand’s story — its history, values, and what exactly you aim to achieve for the specific event before you dig into the design aspects of your marketing plan.

Are you hoping to generate sales and leads? Or perhaps your goal is to foster brand loyalty and awareness with a particular crowd. Whatever your intention is, plan to integrate a well-executed and thoughtful design plan as part of your event marketing strategy.

And before you dive into that plan, take a look at these design tips for event marketing.

Be Sure to Have Full Team Buy-in

When you have team buy-in on your brand’s overall presence and booth experience, ensure the sales and marketing teams are both genuinely excited to be there interacting with prospects.

For example, if only half of the team wants a free giveaway at the booth, and the other half thinks the free giveaway gift doesn’t represent the brand as well as it should, problems will arise.

Attendees will notice the lack of enthusiasm from the part of the team who is not on-board, and your sales numbers will go down.

Always try to come to a full agreement on design choices so that everyone is happily engaging with attendees and excited to be there.

Always Respect Your Brand’s Story

Your story is what makes the brand so unique. Often brands will apply elaborate design ideas to their display booth that have nothing to do with the brand itself.

It’s often better to go with a simple idea that speaks to your brand directly and target audience than an innovative and daring one if there is no relation to what you’re all about.

If your staff struggles to comprehend an idea or are unable to define exactly what the idea is, then it might be time to reconfigure the design.

Don’t Put Attendees on the Spot

It’s a great idea to install comfortable furniture in your booth for prospective customers to come in, take a load off, and hopefully learn about all of the wonderful things you offer.

It’s also a great opportunity for you and your staff to initiate the sales pitch. However, attendees aren’t naïve and they’re fully aware that these comfortable spaces in display booths are sometimes designed for a quick sales opportunity.

Don’t overwhelm attendees with your pitch. The fact is that people appreciate and remember sincerity and kindness. If people are resting in your booth, give them time to breathe and if you truly want to initiate a sales pitch, go at it gently and with respect.

Use these design tips to execute a busy and successful trade show booth! People will remember you, and you’ll forget all about that big, flashy booth at the front of the venue.

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