tips to make onboarding for new hires a success
According to a recent report by the Society for Human Resource Management, in every 25 employees, 1 leaves their new job as a result of poor onboarding. As an employer, the onboarding period is the chance to make the perfect impression on your new hire. The onboarding process makes the new hire feel valued and welcomed.

Proper onboarding puts your new hire at the top of their new role quickly as they can understand the organization’s culture, systems, and processes. The process should not be only for a short period as it takes a while for a new hire to familiarize them with a new workplace. Research shows that hires that are taken through the onboarding process for a long time gain proficiency 34% faster. You have to make the onboarding process success if you are to realize the full potential of your new hire.  Let us look at some tips that can help you achieve successful onboarding.

Offer training to your new hires.

Regardless of whether the new hire has performed a similar job elsewhere, as an employer, you should ensure that they receive training. Offering your new hire training is a way of building a solid foundation for them in the workplace. Train them on the procedures and processes that they should use. Also, highlight the workplace rules and policies they should go by. Define roles and responsibilities to your new hires to boost clarity, alignment, and expectations.

Make the onboarding process personal.

Each new hire comes with a different set of skills, talent, and knowledge. This means that one hire is different from the other. Your onboarding process should depend on the hire’s abilities and work style as opposed to just having a standard procedure that your new hire could struggle to fit in. Devise a training program for each of your employees and customize your strategy to meet the needs of each of your new hires.  A personalized onboarding process helps the new hire settle and fit in the new workplace faster, which enhances their productivity.

Use proper tools in the onboarding process.

Again, onboarding is a process that takes time. You need the right tools to help you deliver the right experience to your new hires.  Well, you can acclimate new hires using this modern HR solution that makes onboarding easy. You need a software that eases and streamlines communication with your employee, for example, through customizing email templates. The tools you are using should also personalize the experience of your new hire. For example, you can get one with a calendar where you sync in their special days like enrollment date, birthdays, and anniversary.

use proper tools in the onboarding process
Further, get a tool with a dashboard that can gauge the progress of the new hire. It challenges their work without feeling judged as opposed to if you were gauging their progress. Moreover, integrate the use of the software to set reminders for pending tasks to your new hire to help them get proactive. More importantly, ensure that the software you are using is compliant and has compliant features, such as e-signature, that the new hire can use for the company’s document and other government forms.

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There are tons of great features and advantages that come with using onboarding software. The bottom line is that it will help you give new hires a top experience!

Allocate a mentor to your new hire

Giving a mentor to your new hire quickens the process of getting acquainted with their new work environment. The mentor should welcome the hire in the organization and introduce them to the rest of the employees. The mentor should also help in orienting the new hire into the organization. Further, they will help answer questions about the workplace that the new hire cannot ask the boss.

Enquire for feedback

A sure way of rating the success of your onboarding process is to inquire about your new hire’s perspective. Check on your new hires, 30, 60, and 90 days after enrollment. However, your new hire may be uncomfortable with answering questions one-on-one. So you can alternatively provide anonymous online surveys for them to fill in. From the feedback, you can be able to tell if your onboarding is successful. If not, you can make adjustments.

Wrap up

making onboarding a sucess
As an employer, you should focus on making the onboarding of your new hires process a success. It helps them to adapt promptly to the workplace and start working effectively. More importantly, you will reduce employee turnover, which cuts on recruitment costs!

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