traffic-sales-leads-and-loyalty-steps-to-get-you-started-with-inbound-marketingInbound marketing is different than the traditional methods seen with outbound marketing. Some of the usual ways of doing things include billboards, print ads, and press releases in order to cast a net on a large audience. Instead inbound marketing is a way to pull in qualified prospective buyers already looking for the answers. Instead of having to force the product, it’s about educating and making the customers more knowledgeable on making a purchasing decision.

Basis for Inbound Marketing Strategies

There are multiple interconnected strategies to draw in clients and subscribers to a website through inbound marketing techniques. These include a mix of search engine optimization, content creation, email lead generation and social media outreach.

If you’re going to be leading this type of marketing campaign then it’s good to get eh whole team on board in the company. Everyone in the company needs to have an idea what the marketing team is doing. Inbound marketing requires businesses to have the collective work together with everyone in the company.

The first order of business to get everyone certified and familiar with inbound marketing methods. Knowing an intelligent inbound and sales marketing strategy through a full comprehensive guide can be the first order of reading business. Once your plan is in place and everyone is knowledgeable, then it is time for implementation.

Implementing Inbound Marketing

The reason communication is so important is because different sections of a company are more privy to information than others. For example marketers will not know the direct figures that sales reps may know and how to deal with customers on a daily basis. That is why it is important for them to have access to this information while the sales reps can supply them with relevant information. Knowing what the inbound marketing strategy is will assist them in this area.

Client related employees, meaning they are on the front end of dealing with people are usually apt with dealing with customers through written means. They can assist marketing through blog posts, or newsletters. This could be a great opportunity for them to take what marketing is pushing out and apply that.

Think about creating a buyer persona. It is a concept that deals with a fictional character that represents a composite segment of your marketing audience. It tells you what your potential customers face in terms of decision makings and what their needs are.

Understanding Your Audience

Continuing with the concept of buyer personas is the idea of knowing whom you’re writing for. If your buyer persona can’t tell you the demographic then the persona is incomplete.  You need to know your audience like they know themselves, but better. Figuring out what they read and where they go for news is where the true power lies.

Following a successful creation of a buyer persona is then the campaign creation process. Campaigns are the crux of an inbound marketing operation. It is the method for which everything else goes through, meaning analytics, important metrics and creating an intelligent conversion goal. A campaign can be defined in the way that it has a similar theme that is used to draw in a new audience of customers. Your campaigns can include a theme or content offer, but the main point being is that there is consistency spread throughout the campaign.

If you use buyer persona as the main focal point of the campaign you can then use that as a starting point for the media you’ll create in the campaign. A timeframe should be set along with actionable goals that can be capitalized on.

Campaign Components

There are multiple aspects that go into an overall campaign. They include the multi-faceted approach of email marketing, social media, direct mail, paid advertising and any other inbound marketing principles. Deciding what methods you’re going to include are all part of designing the overall campaign. Set a goal that can be easily quantified and tracked. Something would be finding 100 new leads that you will identify and attract to sign up for your company’s product in some way.  Develop a process that works through tracking everything.

These processes include creating a database of emails, publishing on social media and tracking engagement levels. The main point behind developing a process is scalability. If you find that the campaign is working through your buyer persona, so on and so forth, then it would be wise to scale the operations up drastically.


Clwyd has been involved with starting, growing and selling multiple successful businesses both in the UK and the USA. He is the entrepreneur business owners turn to for strategic planning & business growth through his unique and innovative sales and marketing campaigns. Clwyd is a specialist in helping companies grow through the use of Inbound Marketing Automation software and services, specifically within the Pharmacology, Bio Technology, Technology and Manufacturing industries. He brings a multi-disciplinary background from the world of science & technology, sales & marketing and global professional services knowledge which has been gained in different industries and multiple countries. Most recently in London and prior to that in New York.

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