luxury products marketing tipsIt was easy to make lots of money designing websites in the past. Now you’re competing with anyone lucky enough to have an internet connection. In a perfect world, the best designers would rise to the top. It turns out you have to be a marketing genius.

That is the only way you’ll make the big bucks. You should pay attention to how massive brands market luxury products. If you copy their tactics you’ll have a better chance of striking it rich. Here are a few good ones you’ll need to keep in mind.

1. Sell From A Luxurious Showroom

Have you ever walked into a Jaguar showroom? From the moment you walk inside you can tell it’s luxurious. It’s nothing like the kind of showrooms where you usually buy average second hand cars.

If you have a website you’ve got to pretend it’s a luxury showroom. Visitors need to feel the same way when they click on it. You won’t be able to sell expensive goods if your website looks like Craigslist.

2. Create A Very Exclusive Circle

Lots of people are willing to wait years on a car. They’ll put their name on an exclusive waiting list and sit around until it’s ready. When it’s ready it will be one of a few like it in the entire world.

You don’t need to stop working after you’ve designed a hundred websites, but how can you make customers feel like they’re part of something special? If you get it right you’ll be able to charge a premium.

3. An Entry Level Product Is Good

I’m sure you’ve seen lots of people driving around in a GMC Canyon, which is an entry level product. The manufacturer also sells a more expensive model. A smaller percentage of their customers drive it.

If they didn’t have a cheaper model it would be hard to get customers through the door. You should think about selling something to the masses too. It will help spread your name among a larger group of people.

4. Getting Good At Keeping Secrets

Look at the cheapest cars on the market right now. Everyone will compare themselves with others to help you see the differences. It’s rare to find luxury car manufacturers willing to do the same thing.

It’s better if you can keep secrets because you’ll get everyone talking about you. Also, it looks petty when you compare your product to others. It’s something the best in the industry don’t need to do.

5. You Can’t Just Have A Nice Logo

Ferrari don’t have the best logo in the world, but it’s one of the most recognizable. When you see it the first color that pops into your head will definitely be red. The logo stands for something special.

You won’t get far if you only have a nice logo. It needs to stir up emotions when people see it. You need to have a good story behind your business, which all your customers will be able to buy into.

It’s Easier Selling More Expensive Products

If you design websites you don’t want to work twice as long to make the same amount of money. Once you have the correct skills cater to a more profitable market. Let everyone else fight for the scraps.

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