what and why should you adapt scaled agile framework
The agile framework has gained momentum in recent times. It creates better opportunities for people to work together towards a goal and achieve it successfully with decisions that are aligned to the collective company vision. In the case of larger establishments, the agile system does not work as easily as there is involvement of multiple teams. Scaled Agile Framework® or SAFe®4.6 works best for coordinating teams in a bigger enterprise and managing their tasks in a way which benefits them all. Leading SAFe®️ will help you understand how this framework has helped leading corporates to scale up their agile transformation across the enterprise.

The Scaled Agile Framework® was released in 2011. It evolved in the following years and a newer version called SAFe® 4.5 was released in 2017. It incorporated certain changes and improvements. Version 4.5 offers faster innovation and flexibility. Version 4.5 was again improvised and the latest one available is SAFe® 4.6 which enables organizations to respond to changes in the market. Various Scale Agile certification courses are available for people to get authorized training. A journey towards earning leading SAFe® 4.6 starts from joining the certification course for clearing the SAFe® Agilist Exam.

Who is it for?

The target audience for this training is quite big. Executives and Leaders, Managers, Directors, CIOs and VPs all can find it useful. Project Managers, Portfolio Managers, solution architects, etc can become a part of this course. Before enrolling is advised to have at least 5 years of experience in the field of project or product management, business analysis, software development using Scrum.

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Let us look at the course details and why you should join it.

Valued worldwide

Once you do this course you may start getting offers from around the world. SAFe® is used by the learning companies of the world which make it valued globally.

Fits all

The skill sets that one acquires in this course can be used at multiple levels in a company. The size of the team does not matter as we can use the framework in different enterprises for different teams according to our needs.

Certification course

The course prepares candidates to appear for their Scale Agilist Exam. Clearing it will give the respective candidate a course completion certificate to formally recognize his/ her qualifications.

Great for your career

A certificate course like this is a big uptick for your career. It will improve your resume and you will get many job offers due to the growing importance of this framework and its high usage nowadays.

Professional trainers

Under such courses, it is ensured that your training takes place under the guidance of experts who have knowledge and experience. They have practical knowledge about the implementation of skills in organizations. One takes back huge benefits by learning under them due to their industry experience.

Updated curriculum

The syllabus for the course is relevant and updated to give full exposure and knowledge to the students. Practical knowledge through this curriculum is given. Students get a hands-on experience of learning concepts.

Modes of delivery

Successful delivery of lectures is ensured with interactive sessions in such courses. Various workshop batches are available at all times. Students can select whichever batch is convenient for them. A complete learning experience is guaranteed.

Study resources and practice

scaled agile framework training
Students are given thorough practice in these workshop sessions which last for only a couple of days in most places. In depth training is given to all and they are prepared fully for their SAFe® Agilist certification exam. Practice and reference material is also provided.

Earn PDUs and SEUs with this certification course

PDUs and SEUs are given upon completing the training program. These are the credits awarded to you in recognition of your work in the course. These are given to every candidate who has taken up training in any approved institute.

Fee includes other advantages

The fee for the course is a reasonable amount but it comes with a lot of other benefits. Most courses have a fee structure which includes the cost of all reference study material and also the first attempt charge or the examination fee of SAFe®Agilist certification. Almost everywhere you also get the advantage of certification in the form of a one year membership to SAFe® community platforms.

These features explain why this course is so worthwhile.

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