What Is “Shopping Cart Abandonment”, and How Can You Stop It?

shopping cart abandonment tips guidesIn short, shopping cart abandonment is when a customer adds products to their online cart only to leave the web page without actually making the purchase. There are different reasons why someone might abandon their cart: they were just looking, they didn’t like the shipping amount, and they didn’t like the company that would be delivering their package. The good news about this is that there are a few things that can be done to help stop shopping cart abandonment by tackling each of these three reasons.

1. Reduced Shipping Costs

The first thing you g rates that customers can’t see until they go to check out, and these shipping costs can sometimes be more than the actual product the customer is buying. By finding a way to offer lower shipping, there’s a higher chance that the customer will complete their purchase. If you aren’t sure how to do this, don’t worry, as there are a few tools you have at your disposal: you can work with an international shipping company to offer lower prices, or real-time prices, or offer free shipping (though the latter idea will cut into your profits).

2. Shipping and Courier Broker

Another reason why people don’t finish purchasing the items in their cart is because they don’t like the shipping and courier company that will be bringing their package. A way you can combat this is give an option of several different shippers that the customer can choose, by going through a courier broker. Courier brokers provide the unique service of finding the lowest shipping rates, and letting your customers know the different costs and couriers available to them at checkout. This flexibility and focus on the lowest price will go a long way in keeping that precarious customer happy. Even average customers will be thankful that your company offers so many different options,and they might even end up becoming more regular customers because they have that choice.

3. Several Payment Options

The final reason why people abandon their shopping carts is because of lack of payment options. Some websites will only offer 1 or 2 different payment options and if the person doesn’t have those, then they can’t make the purchase. Offering several different payment options will help ensure that every customer will be able to make their purchase. In addition, being able to offer several different options will give the customer a good experience and they will end up bringing you more customers because of the good experience. If you’re unsure about how to accept credit card and PayPal on your site, check out the linked article.

Now that you know a few ways that you can stop shopping cart abandonment, you should start seeing the number of abandonment on your site go down. Hopefully, this will also lead to more purchases and customers as well! Put these tips into play and keep an eye on the numbers!

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