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Finding a great place to house your business is one of the first priorities for startups and entrepreneurs during times of growth. Moving into a new office starting the process of building a company culture is an exciting time. However, with office real estate of unequal and widely diverging levels of quality, it can be hard to pick a great place from the available options.

When comparing serviced offices, there are some salient points that you need to keep in mind to avoid renter’s remorse. Make the right decision the first time and you will not be stuck in a low-quality space that drags down morale and productivity.

Let’s look at five specific things you should expect from a serviced office provider.

More Flexible Terms Than A Traditional Office

If you are looking for the structure that a physical office space can bring to your business, then you need to be aware of the ways in which a serviced office from a premium provider are superior to those of a traditional office rental. The most prominent of these is the fact that the rental terms of the former are far more flexible.

If you take the time to compare serviced offices from several providers, then hold out for one who offers month by month rental contracts with only a one-month security deposit required. This can give your business the flexibility it needs to easily expand or relocate its operations as needed.

Five-Star Fit-Out For Your Business

Your business deserves to operate in surroundings that match the level of seriousness with which you take your work. Therefore, you need to look for a premium provider of serviced office space and one who offers a five-star fit-out in terms of interior design.

This needs to include things that add a sense of professionalism to your business such as leather furniture, well-maintained desks and office technology, as well as original artwork. Look for an unbranded environment where you can make the space your own.

Find a great location to work from as well. The closer you can be to a central business or financial district, for example, the more connections you will be able to make and the bigger the boost to your profile will be.

Office Management Support Team

office management support team
Make sure that your provider of serviced office space does not simply collect your rental fee each month. Look for someone who can provide real support that will benefit your business. The best providers offer an office management team including secretarial and receptionist services to assist with your daily business tasks.

Office Infrastructure Included

Naturally, when one thinks of serviced office space, empty rooms with nothing in them do not come to mind. You need to find a serviced office provider who can offer your business access to a host of essential office infrastructure. This includes printing, scanning, and copying facilities, as well as high-speed internet connections, installed and up to date.

Membership Benefits

In the same vein, you need to find a serviced office provider who seeks to establish a real sense of partnership with your business. Find an established provider to ensure that you will have access to community and membership benefits from them. These should include regular events for you to socialise with other clients of your provider that can bump up your networking.

Serve Your Needs With A Serviced Office

If you can keep these critical points in mind when looking for serviced office space, then you are sure to settle on a location that will bring benefits to your business. Do not simply look for a run of the mill office but look for a space that truly has advantages for improving your operations.

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