why use seo tool to monitor business
There can be no doubt the SEO (search engine optimisation) is here to stay.  And it should be as not only is this method needed to be part of your digital marketing strategy, but it’s also a great tool to monitor how your business is performing.

There are many SEO companies ready to help you navigate through the massive web of search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing.  Digital marketing has created many ways to successfully get head with SEO for your business and there are many tools available to help you achieve this.  But first, it’s important to have a clear SEO goal in mind and which SEO approach will be right for your business.

Considering the many options that are now available it would be hugely beneficial to complete an SEO and digital marketing course to make sure that you are aware of all the options and benefits available.

Not a stand-alone option

To successfully achieve your company’s SEO objectives, it must be noted that SEO often involves input and effort from multiple departments within an organisation which can include marketing, design and content creators.  So, SEO to monitor your business is a whole company endeavour and it is crucial that an organisation has buy-in from all shareholders to execute an effective SEO strategy.

SEO basics

There are thousands and thousands of websites and even more posts on the social media platforms, so how do you get yours to stand out, be seen and be heard?  This is where SEO techniques comes to the rescue.  Good SEO tactics are vital for every online business and is a tool that anyone line cannot be without.

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SEO techniques improves the visibility of your website, page or blog on the search engines results page.  So, SEO is the way to go for your business to achieve great web visibility and therefore generate leads and sales.

Why you should be using SEO

Competing for visibility online is tough.  Yet the opportunities and benefits to your business outweigh the difficulty of optimising SEO for your business.  There are two types of SEO, namely on page SEO and off page SEO.

Basically, on page SEO is optimisation within your website to inform the search engines what keywords you want to appear in an online search.  Off page SEO is more about promoting your business or webpage outside of your website, which is also referred to as link building.

SEO benefits

Digital marketing is a complex world of online promotion of your business and a huge part of digital marketing is SEO.  So, what exactly are the benefits of putting so much time and budget in creating an effective SEO strategy?  Well, it’s simple – to be noticed, create brand awareness and increase your conversion rates.

While the benefits of a well-executed SEO strategy are man, here are just a few SEO benefits to get you on board with SEO, which by the way works a 24/7 work week:

  • More traffic – Every online business is always pushing for more traffic. SEO is a brilliant tool that will undoubtedly get users interested in your site.
  • Brand awareness – Establishing a high ranking on the search engines automatically increases your brand awareness. With a good SEO strategy your business will end up on the results page, a great place to be
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  • Improved engagement – The SEO goal is not only to get users to your site, but to also keep them on your site longer. With a high SEO ranking you will attract quality users to your site, users that are genuinely interested in learning more about your business.
  • Off page SEO improvement – While you may have put in many long hours on creating great content to market your business, you are not always online, as much as you’d like to be. This is where off page SEO can make a huge difference to marketing your business when you are not available.  SEO works day and night – so using SEO as an outside website marketing tool is a digital marketing plan that you can really rely on.
  • Great ROI (return on investment) – Marketing can get expensive, especially in the long run, as it takes time to build up a brand that is easily recognised. The best thing about SEO is that once you’ve caught someone’s attention, you’re already engaging with a potential client.

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