Understanding Puzzles and their Relationship with Math

understanding puzzles and their relationship with math

The puzzle was invented around the 1760s by an English engraver, John Spilsbury. He originally used the jigsaw puzzles to show maps around various countries that had official borders by that time and later used them to teach geography. It was a ground-breaking discovery bearing in mind that puzzles could later mystify folks in the 21st century.

Currently, the puzzle is not only a recognized game, but it has also inspired movies. A good example is the Jigsaw Film, a long-running horror franchise that aired in 2017. In the movie, you will find wrongdoers placed to raw justice in many ways but through a series of truth-revealing tests and puzzles. The main actor, John Kramer, used voice-recorded tapes to give directions to the five trapped sinners on how to get out of the barn. Eventually, out of the five people, none of them came out alive thanks to the cunning character of Kramer.

This movie was a textbook example of how a puzzle baffles even the finest thinkers on earth. On that note, let us get down on the whole agenda of puzzle games. Here we go.

What are Puzzles?

According to the Oxford dictionary, a puzzle is anything that is meant to confuse your mind. It may be a game that requires a high level of ingenuity and knowledge.

When gaming in a puzzle, the person is expected to use whatever material, knowledge, or anything available to piece together tangible information that will lead to a solution. It sounds easy? Right?

Well, if you are acquainted with puzzling, at least you have a head start. But for novice gamers, puzzling is a bit complicated. You first need to understand the rules before you can begin to make moves.

Puzzles and Math 

There is a close relationship between the field of math and puzzles. This is because the game encompasses interesting concepts about calculations and logical thinking that, as we all know, revolve around math and calculations.

However, this does not mean that when playing the game, you should always have calculators around you. It means that you should at least try to use your general knowledge about math in the game. A good example is when you are playing; then you are faced with a task that may require you to use your shadow to find time in order to unlock the next stage. Wouldn’t that be difficult? Of course, no.

In math research, mathematicians often turn to puzzles to explore a problem and find out how numbers may be used to find a solution. A good example is the cross number puzzle which is one of the most prevalent math puzzles out there. Here, the researcher will feed the squares with known characters and try to find the unknown through given leads. Perhaps you can try this game by downloading the app on the google play store and find out how long you can stand amidst math geniuses.

Final Word 

Puzzles are complicated situations that require deep thinking from whatever you have to find the solution. But the good thing is with an adept understanding of mathematical concepts, playing puzzles is like a sway in the breeze.


Importance of effective waste Water Management

water management 1

Clean water is one of the most important natural resources on the planet because it is necessary for life. Wastewater, which is used water, is also a valuable resource, especially in areas where there are recurring droughts and water shortages. However, wastewater contains a variety of hazardous substances and cannot be released back into the environment until it has been treated.

As a result, wastewater treatment is critical for two reasons: restoring the water supply and protecting the environment from toxins. The wastewater treatment process not only produces clean, reusable water but also has the potential to produce several other advantages. It has the potential to reduce a country’s waste production, generate energy through methane harvesting, and produce natural fertilizer from the waste collected during the process.

The following is a more in-depth explanation of the advantages of wastewater treatment:

Restoring the water supply

All communities, particularly those in water-stressed areas, must ensure that good water treatment processes are in place so that treated water can be reused or returned to the water cycle, but never wasted.

Protecting the environment

Contaminants from both residential and commercial use can end up in wastewater. Chemical compounds and pathogens in wastewater, if not treated, can harm the health of animals, plants, and birds that live in or near water. It can also contaminate crops and drinking water, negatively impacting human health. Wastewater treatment is critical for preserving the health of many different ecosystems.

Reducing Waste

The amount of waste that is typically released into the environment is reduced through wastewater treatment, thereby improving the health of the environment. As a result, the government reduces the health risks associated with environmental pollution as well as the water loss caused by water pollution. Wastewater treatment also reduces the amount of money spent by a country on pollution-fighting environmental rehabilitation projects.

Production of Energy

Because it contains a high concentration of biodegradable material, the sludge collected during the treatment process is treated. The gas produced during this anaerobic digestion process contains a significant amount of methane, which is extracted and burned to generate electricity. This energy can be used to power wastewater treatment plants, making them self-sustaining, and any excess energy produced can be transported into a country’s national grid. This reduces a country’s reliance on non-renewable energy sources such as fossil fuels, lowering its carbon footprint and energy expenditure.

Fertilizer Manufacturing

Any biodegradable material that remains is dried in “drying lagoons” before being converted into natural fertilizer. The resulting natural fertilizer is then used in agriculture to boost crop yields. This reduces the use of chemical fertilizers, which pollute the marine and surface ecosystems.


In summary, the combination of these benefits, along with water production, makes wastewater treatment a viable short and long-term solution to the world’s water crisis, which will only worsen as the global population grows. The world’s population is expected to reach 9 billion people by 2050, increasing the amount of water that can be treated. This will result in the production of large amounts of fresh, usable water, assisting in the fight against water scarcity.


Beautiful Apartments of Redondo Beach Apartments

redondo beach apartments

Available apartments at CitiZen beach have great choices and the interest levels to proceed with easy and smart choices. Show your best confidence levels to get satisfied and to access your favorite dream homes. Due to having great concepts and modern architecture designs, there is a massive range of beautiful and attractive apartments that have some values and have acknowledgment to get satisfied from easy ad smart choices. A front and back patio has numerous options that have some value for stay. Redondo Beach apartments are of different types that can be accessed from various resources to match your personal interests according to your choices. Knowing about leasing rules and regulations can be helpful and effective to precede with simple and fast accessibility resources according to the needs and priorities levels of the people.

Brand new stainless-steel kitchen appliances and other necessities are available in each department. People who need a washer & dryer assistance, have options to get immediate access to solve their issues. Safe and secure parking also has some values that can be chosen according to the needs and priorities through creative and versatile feature explorations. Make sure which type of apartments you are looking for and how to get satisfied to have a complete and useful awareness according to your needs.

Renters insurance is required for all rental properties and their residents. Ignorance and careless attitude is not allowed. Choice of the best apartments is depended upon the priorities and the interests levels of the people. Proceed with careful initiatives and resolve the specific issues that have some value for your residents and have a perspective point of view to make sure about your willingness to approach from. The leasing office can assist interested people to solve their inquiries for rental booking and provide the best available apartments.

Leasing office to schedule can understand the communities on behalf of the best available options Proceed with careful initiatives and resolve the specific issues for which do they need and assistance to get satisfied with easy and smart choices. To access good vibes in Redondo is possible with easy and smart choices according to the needs and priorities levels of the people. Beach collection and apartment collection have great values to get inspired and to approach from smart choices to precede through easy and simple and simple accessibility plans.

Interior and Exterior designs of the rental properties also affect the plans to take decisions. Safe and clean environments help people to approach smart choices according to the needs and priorities levels of the people. Find the best and perfect possible solutions and get the best source of acknowledgment to access from easy and smart choices. Ventilation systems, meat, and clean environment, comprehensive plans have great values to get satisfied and to find the best and perfect possible solutions according to your needs and priorities levels. There are numerous ideas and useful suggestions that are needed and can be approached from smart choices according to the needs and preferences levels of the people.


5 Ways Small Businesses Can Have a Unique Online Presence

5 ways small businesses can have a unique online presence
Source: Unsplash

Small business owners manage payroll, inventory, meetings, and a multitude of operations each day. As a result, maintaining and improving online presence can slide down to the bottom of the priority list in a small firm, where owners are expected to wear several hats.

However, the online presence for small businesses is important in 2021. Here are five easy methods to roll out and improve your small business’s internet presence without adding stress or more work to your employees:

1. Think about where your customers are

Studying your ideal customer profile (ICP) before you start creating a presence on platforms that aren’t being used by your target demographic can save you time and effort.

Many small businesses may believe they need to adopt the latest and greatest in social media, but this isn’t always the case. Maybe your business is more suited for YouTube or TikTok. You can branch out wherever you think your ideal customer base might be.

Check out some of the best tips on how to optimize your YouTube videos for top rankings.

2. Identify and integrate keywords

SEO is a vital component when it comes to online success. Consider what buyers will enter into a search engine when looking for a company like yours and incorporate these terms into your web page and blog post headers and text.

If your key phrases match the search keywords and intent of the user, search engines will be more likely to put your site higher on the results page.

3. Repurpose and share the content

Consider how the information you write for a brochure or leaflet may be reused for website copy, social media updates, and more. This will not only save you time when producing fresh material, but it will also help you maintain message consistency. Repurposing is also a good way to keep the content wheel going when you’re hit by a talent shortage.

4. Make use of data

Analytics must be consulted frequently in order to understand what’s working and what isn’t. Thanks to easy-to-spot insights, you can utilize that data to make sure you’re producing only the most relevant content for your audience, allowing you to make quick and educated decisions about things like whether to run an online campaign and who to advertise it to. Data is also a great way to measure competitor success and find areas where you can race ahead.

5. Seek assistance from your consumers

Customers trust other consumers’ opinions far more than they believe in advertising or marketing material. You may have a presence on sites like Yelp where your consumers carry some of the weight by offering reviews on your business.

You may use this technique to write testimonials for your website as well. Encourage devoted consumers to share their feedback and experiences on personal social networks and via Facebook and Twitter “share” buttons.

A strong online presence is absolutely crucial in 2021. By following these tips, your business will see a higher level of success than before.


Luxurious Sinks To Suit Every Bathroom

luxurious sinks to suit every bathroom

A bathroom is one of the important premises in any apartment. Everyone wants to enter a stylish bathroom in the morning and enjoy the sparkling beauty of high-quality fittings. It is the place where you can be taken away to the world of pleasure and get your mood set for the whole day. The widely known company Aquatica focuses on offering a vivid layout of its products doubled with its first-class quality. They have been on the international market for 12 years already to provide every customer with outstanding solutions for bathrooms.

Recently, black and white bathroom sinks have reached the peak of popularity. They attract customers’ attention by their contemporary minimalistic design chiming with almost any style and bathroom type. Be it a small guest bathroom or a spacious master bathroom, a black and white vessel sink is a safe bet. Visit the site at to explore their selection and choose the perfect sink for your project.

Characteristics of Vessel Sinks 

Choosing an appropriate product may become a real quest considering the number of striking propositions. Aquatica enables every customer to purchase an ideal sink within the following parameters:

  • exterior product length from 10 to 39 inches
  • different shapes
  • everlasting Aquatex™ or ceramic material
  • price ranging from $500 to $1,500

You can buy any desired bathroom sink that caught your eye immediately if it is in stock or make a special order.

Benefits of Aquatica Bathroom Sinks

Apart from modern design and reserved colors, Aquatica bathroom sinks have more to offer. They are cost-efficient, easy to clean, and sustainable. Made from an award-winning material AquateX™, the products possess great stain, fire, and chemical-resistance properties.

By choosing an outstanding black and white sink, you will get a whole pack of advantages like a warranty of up to 25 years, possible return within 30 days, affordable shipping costs, and professional customer support.


How SEO Helps in Obtaining Better Results For Your Business


business seo

“Making your prospects feel like they have an exclusive membership in a club makes lead generation a positive customer experience.” – Eric Bower

There is no denying that search engine optimization has been working as an integral part of online marketing since its inception. From improving the overall Google ranking score to helping you get better online lead generation results, there are many perks of practicing search engine optimization in your overall marketing campaign.

Here’s a brief on search engine optimization before we find out how search engine optimization acts as a great helping hand for lead generation.

SEO – meaning

SEO is the core of increasing the quantity and quality of online traffic on your business website. This decides the success rate of your business running digitally. Search engine optimization is the detailed process of being found when someone searches for a service or product that you sell online in a layman’s language. For instance – If you run a restaurant in Toronto, search engine optimization will rank your business on Google using different keywords like – ‘the best restaurant in Toronto,’ ‘affordable restaurant in Toronto,’ etc. When anyone from your target market searches for these terms, search engine optimization will automatically display your website on the top. The principles of search engine optimization are basic and easy to understand. It works on the concept of – publishing kick-ass and keyword-oriented content and gets searched easily.

The major perks of incorporating SEO in your business promotions include –

  1. It assists in creating better brand awareness while directly influencing the target market effectively.
  2. Ensures a higher rank on Google and other search engines with an improved ROI (rate of investment).
  3. Search engine optimization practices can be utilized under any budget, regardless of their complexity and overall nature.

Here is a brief on how search engine optimization helps with better lead generation results –

#1 – Understand how keyword usage works for your website content – One of the prominent activities of search engine optimization processes is keyword research and optimization. Keywords are an integral part of any online marketing strategy. It gives your content a reason to get ranked higher on Google with better visibility. Many online tools are available for keyword research that helps you fasten up advertising processes and keep the marketing content in alignment with positive results.

#2 – Content matters the most – It is all about generating unique, quality content and marketing it in front of your target audience. Maybe that’s why Bill Gates said, “Content is King” for any website. When discussing content writing for any website, people often relate it to writing and uploading content. But when you wake up to the realities, you realize there is much more in the content part. A website must write quality content keeping the current Google algorithms in mind. This means an outdated content format or information will no longer be of any use to your website. Here, ensure you have researched a cluster of high-quality keywords to infuse in your content.

Pro tip – Always ensure that the search engine crawlers can read your content using SEO binary strings or letters. These are used within the title tag as well.

#3 – Local SEO – Many small or mid-sized businesses prefer local SEO services to gain better visibility in the local areas through Google search results. A business with a physical presence in the vicinity can seek maximum perks out of this search engine optimization strategy. For instance – you run a restaurant in Toronto and wish to promote it throughout the city. Your marketing service provider will use keywords mentioning the exact location or using phrases like – ‘near me’. This is an ideal approach to seeking attention from potential customers around you. The set of local keywords is slightly different from the global ones. Thus, ensure you work on the keyword search skills effectively to make the difference.

Here, you can make use of GMB (Google My Business) listing that adds the much-required credibility to your business online. With this, ask your frequent customers to post positive reviews online adding you in the business with five-star ratings online.

#4 – Get an SEO-oriented landing page – A landing page designed for a specific website sounds much more meaningful than building an entire website to promote a single product or service. Moreover, having an SEO-optimized landing page works well with the different strategies. For instance – if you are running a florist business in Toronto, get a landing page developed for it. Ensure that the page consists of enough keywords with a kick-ass web design to lure everyone’s attention. Here, your seo toronto agency should focus on finding out high-search keywords with low competition. This will help you tenfold the benefits of writing content on your landing pages and then marketing it.

#5 – Make the most out of SEO wisdom – Bringing your website to the top search results of search engines like Google or Bing is the easiest way to seek organic traffic. Since it’s a fact, then why not fetch quality leads from there? This may sound like a challenge for many people until you don’t get familiar with the secrets to search engine optimization wisdom. Begin exploring this wisdom with snippets that make Google notice your web page or website. This may require working on a few factors like –

  • Schema markup – You should use snippets to get well-structured data for almost all pages you wish to promote. Such additions make snippet search easier and effective, from phone numbers displayed on the website to the review scores.
  • Meta description – Let Google recognize you with a minimal content approach. That’s when you work on meta descriptions, titles, and URLs effectively. Here, ensure you learn to use keywords appropriately.

The bottom line is –

When it comes to generating quality leads for a business, SEO is one of the valuable marketing strategies to follow and obtain reliable results. But before that, it’s a good idea to understand the apt implementation of white-hat search engine optimization strategies. SEO is not all creating backlinks and infusing keywords in copies; it’s something more than that.


How VPAT Helps You Communicate Your Product Features Better?

voluntary product accessibility template

Have you ever encountered content that made you spitting mad? Or at least decided not to go with a specific vendor? Just like you scan a clothing rack to see what would look great on you before looking for size, fabric, color choices, and cut, wouldn’t it be better if you or the government procurement people could do the same with technical or electronic products to ensure it is accessible to everyone?

Digital information should be readily and universally available. When an inaccessible technology diminishes or impacts a user’s ability to acquire and utilize digital information in any format(e.g., text, video,) it not only affects the user but the vendor simultaneously.

What is VPAT, and How does it Help Both Users and Vendors?

Per US Federal law, Section 508 mandates that any electronic products or products related to IT. Whenever these products either get created, purchased, used, or maintained by any federal agencies, they must be made accessible to individuals with disabilities except in the case that such efforts pose an undue burden.

Developed by the Information Technology Industry Council, Voluntary Product Accessibility Template, or VPAT, was created and adopted to make it easier for vendors to relay detailed product-related information to procurement staff at government agencies. Its purpose is to relay complex information regarding what level of compliance their product sticks to in terms of Technical, Functional Performance, and Documentation & Support requirements outlined in Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act.

The checklist of a well-developed VPAT allows federal contracting and procurement officials to evaluate accessibility features of any commercial Information and Communication Technology (ICT) products and services during the procurement process.

It is critical to understand what is VPAT and what it isn’t.

What Not to Put in a VPAT?

It would be a grave mistake for a vendor to equate the VPAT document with a product brochure or a sales tool. It is not marketing fluff. It is federally mandated information, like technical specifications. Like you wouldn’t tell a client if your car runs on unleaded gas if it required jet fuel. That is essentially how clear and plainly worded a VPAT needs to be. Every feature and the presence and absence of it should be given complete, honest disclosure.

Knowledge regarding the product’s level of compliance should also be made crystal clear. In my experience, for vendors to be dishonest in painting a clear picture of what their product is in a VPAT is more likely to cause headaches than being honest. A decent website accessibility consultant will advise you that a VPAT should enlist all your product’s shortcomings.

Section 508 requires that the government purchase the most accessible product which meets their business needs. To the extent that even if the product is not compliant with all of the relevant 508 provisions government must procure the most accessible product.

Most of the staff at government agencies have seen enough VPATs and thoroughly understand the web accessibility standards 508 enlists. Any veering from it into marketing jargon and you’re more likely to increase their scrutiny of your product. By omitting details about your product or filling it with marketing speak, you would incur their inexhaustible scrutiny. Therefore to make a procurement go smoothly, it is essential to provide a VPAT with clear, complete, and unbiased information.

How is a VPAT Structured?

The VPAT is composed of a series of tables. Each table has three columns. The Summary Table had details of the vendor’s declaration related to conformance with Section 508 Standards of the United States Rehabilitation Act.

In the first column of the above-mentioned ‘Summary Table,’ eight accessibility criteria are detailed relating to subparts B and C of the 508 Standards. The second column provides details of any supporting features that help the product or service conform to the individual criterion. And finally, the third column contains remarks and explanations that the vendor would like to make to explain things further.

The later tables detail further information regarding how their product meets each of the eight criteria unless any of the criteria is deemed “Not Applicable.” An example would be when the fourth criterion, “Video and Multi-media Products,” would be marked “Not Applicable” if the product or service offered doesn’t use video or multi-media. In this case, a detailed table for that criterion would be marked “Not Applicable.”. If the product does have features apply, then there will be a supporting table of detail for that item to details accessibility features.

Recommendation for Developing a Good VPAT

If you wish to be qualified as an EIT/ICT products or services provider for the Federal government or public service-related entities, it is essential that you develop an exhaustive list of details why the products offered comply with Section 508. All Section 508 requirements that your product complies with must be included in a clear, complete, and informative VPAT document. Such a document can go a long way to ensure a trouble-free purchase of your product. The federal or public entity procurement process is complicated enough without the added egregious pressure of an incomplete or uninformative VPAT. If you do not have knowledgeable accessibility to the process of preparing a VPA, your best bet would be to hire a skilled website accessibility consultant to make the VPAT for you.

The more detailed, honest, and well-vetted your VPAT will be, the easier it will be to go through a procurement process without the anxiety of a novice. So, mind your Ps and Qs, prepare a thorough VPAT document, and plunge in.

In conclusion, VPAT provides the federal procurement experts with detailed information about features your product has and how it helps make content consumption easier for all.


How to SEO Optimize Your Blogs?

how to seo optimize your blogs

Running a blog can open a source of income, or generate traffic to your website that sells your products or services.

Since the internet is a highly competitive space, you need to make sure that your blogs show up on the first page of Google’s results, because only 5% of internet users go to page 2. The odds of you not getting enough traffic due to poor SEO optimization practices are high, but we’re going to fix that today!

Is your blog ready to climb the SERP scale? Use these simple measures to optimize your content!

  • Focus on Research: Many prefer reading blogs over heavy articles because of their simpler and personal, yet informative approach. You can gain greater visibility using SEO tools to generate topic appropriate keywords such as Google Adwords. Research and choose your topic keywords to help your audience find you easily. Choose a range of high and medium-ranking keywords, both short and long-tailed for the best results without indulging in keyword stuffing.
  • Don’t Skip Out Image Optimization: Ignoring image optimization may seem like a shortcut right now, but it can cost your Google page experience rankings in 2021. As per their new update, your SEO rankings are closely linked to the page experience provided to users, which includes adding Alt Text to give context to viewers, especially those with any form of visual impairment. Don’t forget to compress high-resolution images as they can dampen your site loading speed, which is another important metric for page rankings.
  • Add Various Types of Links: A blog gains considerable credibility when it links sources and high-authority links within its content. This could be in the form of statistics, direct quotes or references, case studies, and research findings. The next aspect to focus on is link building, which is considered the most difficult part of SEO by 41% of experts. Link building using internal articles within your blog content also will help you build authority in due time. If this sounds complex to you take the help of industry experts to “learn more about New York SEO companies from Design ME Marketing”.
  • Place Your CTA Elements Strategically: Once a visitor has read the blog, what do you want them to do in terms of action? The CTA button or statement urges the reader to take the next step as per your instruction, be it subscribing, liking, engaging, or heading over to your catalog to check out or even purchase your products and services. Place your CTA elements (buttons or links) prominently so that it seems like the only natural progression after gaining great value from your blog.


The chances of you already knowing why blogging regularly is important are high since you’re on our page, but how popular are your blogs? Blogging is not just an extension of your business’s expression but is a full-fledged aspect of the marketing industry in itself. It has opened doors for businesses and individuals to inform, interact and create trends online that can benefit the audience and publishers mutually. Using the tips above will help you create captivating content that reaches the right audience, thanks to the best SEO practices.


5 Ways To Make Your Workplace More Hidden Disability Inclusive

workplace more hidden disability inclusive

With the world beginning to open up again, many people are excited about the fact that we’ll soon be back in the offices and back with our own teammates, just as we’ve been missing for the past year!

For many of us, working away from our team has been difficult to get used to, but for some, things may have been a little bit more relaxed, especially those with hidden disabilities who may have found it easier to work in a home environment.

What Are Hidden Disabilities?

The term hidden disabilities cover a wide array of disabilities and different abilities, from more physical impairments such as hearing loss or eyesight loss to neurological conditions such as ADHD and autism spectrum disorder.

‘Hidden disabilities’ also covers learning difficulties such as dyslexia and dyspraxia and even mental health problems such as anxiety and bipolar disorder. For people struggling with hidden disabilities, the world can be an incredibly difficult place, and they may never quite feel included, and this is especially true in the workplace.

How To Support Hidden Disabilities In The Workplace

Places that are more inclusive to people with hidden disabilities actually have an advantage over other companies that don’t. For instance, these employees may have a different outlook on life and are better at understanding what different people, especially your customers, may be going through.

Employing people with hidden disabilities, however, can be a difficult task, especially if your team doesn’t understand the accessibility needs and how to accommodate those disabilities so that you can get the best out of your team members. However, even simple changes such as adapting your website to meet web accessibility standards will make a big difference. This is the first step to becoming a more inclusive organization. You might find that taking this step makes you appeal to more people with hidden disabilities, as a place people desire to work. Plus, by making it accessible by more customers, you can be certain that you can have the profits to enable this drive and employee those who are seeking you out.

Most people with hidden disabilities are perfectly able to do jobs to the same standard, and sometimes even better, than neurotypical and fully-abled people. For example, NASA state that around half of their employees are actually dyslexic, and they hire dyslexic people specifically because they have a different outlook on life which is a benefit to their role.

Here are five more ways you can make your workplace more inclusive and more accommodating to all kinds of people and get the benefit of working with people with all kinds of different ways of thinking and seeing the world.

1.    Ask The Person How You Can Support Them

The very first thing to remember is that everyone is unique, disability or no disability. That being said, it’s important to actually communicate with the person who you are trying to help create accommodations for, as their disability may manifest itself differently from somebody else with the same disability.

Be honest when they start with you, sit down and have a proper conversation with them about what makes them work to the best of their ability, and come up with a plan to accommodate them personally.

2.    Make Your Team Aware Accommodations Are Not Privileges

It stands to reason that if you are making special accommodations for one particular member of your team, the rest of your team may feel slightly out of place and assume that that person is getting special treatment or privileges.

This attitude needs to be stamped out immediately. Just as you have a ramp at the entrance of your building to help people in a wheelchair gain access to the building, accommodations for people with hidden disabilities are there to help them thrive in the workplace. Any team members who do not agree with the accommodations should be sat down and included in a conversation, and they should be offered some training to let them know why are these accommodations are happening and what the team is hoping to get out of it.

3.    Make Accommodations Available To Everyone Who Needs Them

The issue with hidden disabilities is that it’s not always easy to diagnose, and it’s not always easy for even the person who has the disability to realize they have one.

For example, there is a huge swath of people who are being diagnosed with learning disabilities such as dyslexia and neurological disorders such as ADHD as adults, and these adults would have never known were if not for somebody else in their lives being diagnosed with a similar problem.

To this end, it’s better if accommodations are made available for everyone who thinks they might help. If your dyslexic employees ask for a colored screen overlay, other members of your team may also find this useful, so it’s worth giving it a try if at all possible.

By allowing all members of your team access to accessibility requirements, you create a more inclusive and more understanding team.

4.    Be Open And Honest About Your Inclusiveness

One of the most vital things that you can do as a management team is to be open and honest about how you want to be inclusive and take guidance from experts on how to do this. Being inclusive to hidden disabilities is a difficult task for any team, and there is a very fine balance to be drawn between being inclusive and being patronizing.

People with disabilities are not incapable of doing their jobs; they may just need a bit of extra support, which is not a lot if you are hoping to get the best out of them.

By being open and honest about how you intend to approach the support that you’ll give them, and anyone else who needs it, there is more of a chance that you can be guided in the right direction and learn more about your staff as you go. This approach to being open and honest about hidden disabilities, and indeed visible disabilities, leads to a more open and honest culture within your team and within your organization.

5.    Give (and expect) Respect To Your Team

As well as being open and honest with your team, it’s vital that you give respect to your disabled team members and to your fully-abled team members.

For many people with hidden disabilities, coming forward and coming out as disabled is very difficult, and they may have faced a lot of stigmatism throughout their life. By being open and respectful, you are allowing them the space they need to grow as an employee and as a human being.


How Will Digital Marketing Look Like in 2021?

how digital marketing will look like in 2021 1

The last year’s corona crisis was unexpected – humanity, as much as the marketing community, wasn’t prepared for the required changes. Although some of the trends predicted before the lockdown did find their way into the industry, others were lost and forgotten – and completely new digital marketing solutions have taken the stage.

Particularly, online sales have snowballed. People were seeking new ways of socializing and doing business; it’s when social networks and video conferencing tools stepped in and gave people space to communicate and connect while staying safe at home. It also created new ways how brands could interact with their customers.

So now, as we are both feet in 2021, it’s time to get a closer look at what digital marketing trends will prevail this year.

Higher Role of Influencers and Live Streaming

Worldwide lockdowns and isolations cut all the ways how people could entertain and socialize outside their homes, so as seeing family and friends has become an issue.

All this highly increased the importance of live streaming among brands and celebrities. Whether it was a live concert of their favorite band in someone’s garage or an online workshop launched by the brand they trust, people wanted to be there to see it.

Influencer-driven live content entertains and absorbs but also, helps to build trust and opens the doors to immediate question and answer, which is exactly what people wanted during months of isolation.

Thus, Facebook reported 1.5 times increase in live views during isolation periods, while Instagram’s live-streaming audience grew by 70%. TikTok has also consolidated its positions, and there are good chances that this trend will receive even further development as we will go on with 2021.

Creating a Trustful Image

In 2021, it’s not enough anymore to just be; brands have to realize what part they play in their customers’ lives and be inventive to stay important.

In the heart of this are sincerity and transparency. People prefer to stay away from the companies they are uncertain about. How can they entrust their time and money with someone they don’t really know?  Therefore, building a trustful brand image will be one of the core digital marketing trends this year.

To succeed, brands will have to go above and beyond to survive during these bumpy times. They need to answer the question: why customers need them and how they can serve the community?

Many times have we witnessed companies doing great stuff and helping the needy, but this year even more attention will be drawn to this. More such marketing campaigns as Hilton’s free rooms for medical workers or Chanel’s face masks donations are expected in 2021.

Personalized Content

Competition has gone crazy as most of the brands went online. And win those who have a better connection with their customers.

To cut the long story short, personalized content is now as important as never before. People don’t want to buy from Tom, Dick, and Harry; they want to be sure they’re making the right decision, and customer-driven content gives them that.

Among the benefits are reaching the audience where they hang out, offering them exactly what they are thinking about and at the right moment. While the trend is far from new, it will get more powerful this year.

Environment-Friendly Reputation

Over 80% of customers have a strong feeling that brands should have their share in environmental protection.

No wonder, as for the last few years we’ve already observed many brands making sustainability their top priority whether through using recyclable materials in their production or resource-friendly systems.

The race for a better environment doesn’t slow down, and consumers seek to commit with brands who take an active part in making our planet a better place. A great example is Nike that leads a strong sustainability policy by using recycled materials in production and investing in climate change studies. In 2021, an environment-friendly reputation will be of the essence, and brands have a good chance to shoot up if they prove their “green” image.


Studies show that over 40% of customers see lack of diversity as sufficient reason to change the brand. This means that having an all-inclusive image is important as never before. Most likely, companies that don’t pay enough respect to inclusivity may face serious revenue losses in 2021. On the other hand, brands that pay enough attention to this issue are likely to thrive and build better trust among their customers.

Compatibility with Voice Search

The number of voice searches enabled by different voice assistants has grown exponentially for the past year. It might have happened because people felt lonely at home and could use every bit of communication available. Or maybe because voice assistants have become quite elaborate these days and opened new opportunities for multitasking. Regardless of the reason, marketers will have where to test their creativity and skill. The pioneers are expected to raise their revenues by 30%, so it’s better to hurry up to get on that train in time.

Fast Content

Perhaps, people are tired of truckloads of information available around, or they’re just all for efficiency but fast content like podcasts and newsletter has seen unexpected popularity for the past coronaviruses year. According to some research, around 60% of US residents are listening to podcasts, while newsletter conversions have grown by 15%.

“After our podcast on essay writing, we’ve doubled the number of customers willing to buy a narrative essay from us. Honestly, we didn’t expect such success”, confided Mark Stevenson, head of a small writing agency in California.

Even marketers themselves turned to podcasts, which hints at a possibility that this trend will stay with us in 2021 as well.

With the rapid growth of e-commerce, online presence is as important as never before. This means we’re about to see further development of personalized content and more live interaction online in 2021.