Here’s What People Don’t Tell You About Social Media Marketing

heres-what-people-dont-tell-you-about-social-media-marketingSocial media marketing is not something that is easy to understand. Many think that it is not at all difficult to run a successful campaign, start working and then end up not achieving success. You want to be patient and you will want to learn all that you can about social media marketing. This is far more important than you may believe. What counts the most is being sure that you have all the information that you need in order to make a proper decision.

While there are dozens of things that we can mention about this, we should focus on some that are far more important than what many believe. You need to be patient and always make really good choices. Consider the following.

Social Media Marketing Is Not Just About Facebook And Twitter

In fact, in many different situations we see that some of the best channels for a business are not those that are normally added to social media management tools. As an example, for one company, the best possible promotion channel would be a social network that would only deal with fashion sites. That is something that is really important.

You want to have a presence where your potential clients spend their time. This is far more important than you may think at first glance. If you waste all your time with the networks where too many people are and you do not focus on those channels where most of your potential clients spend their time, you lose out on a huge potential successful investment.

Successful Social Media Marketing Involves Investments

There are so many individuals out there that will tell you that success can be achieved without any financial investment. This is not actually incorrect. In the event that you do not have an investment budget, a lot of time will pass until the campaigns would be successful. The truth is that even the smallest of the investments you could spare would bring in greater results in the future.

You want to dedicate part of your profit towards social media advertising budgets. That is something that you will definitely love because of the results that could be gained on the long run. Have patience and always look at ways in which you can gain the best results based on the money you are about to invest. This is the best approach. Without investments, there is a huge possibility you would not gain success.

You Most Likely Need Professional Help

Business managers rarely have the necessary knowledge to create great social media marketing campaigns. In most situations you will need to work with professionals that have the necessary experience to handle everything in a proper way. That would help you to gain access to a much wider possibility of success. Always learn all that you can about the services that online marketing agencies can offer. Hire those that can truly be trusted and you would be able to succeed. Make sure that you are patient and you make a good decision.


12 Ways to Get Up Close and Personal with Business Tweeting

12-ways-to-get-up-close-and-personal-with-business-tweetingTwitter is emerging as a powerful force for businesses to develop a more personal relationship with their employees, customers, and the firms with whom they do business. No longer is it just a means for finding out what folks had for breakfast, or for celebrities to tweet about their love lives.

Benefits of Twitter for businesses

There are many ways Twitter can help businesses increase traffic to their web sites and customers to their retail locations. To fully understand how powerful Twitter can be, you need to learn how to successfully use it for your business. Twitter Advertising and Marketing Certification training is a fast track way to learn the ins and outs of using Twitter to grow your business.

Twitter can help your business:

  1. Increase brand awareness

When you tweet some of the more intimate, funny, or interesting details about your brand, you provide information that intrigues followers and connects them to your brand.

  1. Show that your company is on the cutting edge of the latest trends in your industry with Twitter.

Likewise, you can stay on top of what is trending in your business area.

  1. You can Tweet to link your Twitter followers to your blog content, help them view your videos, and offer them a chance to see your presentations.
  1. You can increase your customer service by offering information to your customers via Tweets.

Your customers’ reactions to your Tweets can give you important information that allows you to alter the way you market your business’s products. You can also research Twitter for any Tweets related to your business and provide positive feedback by joining the conversation.

  1. Evaluate your marketing strategy using Twitter.

You will be able to tell how your marketing campaign is doing based on the types of Tweets it gets.

  1. If you Tweet daily about the benefits of your products, it will drive traffic to your web site.
  1. When you extend your public relations initiatives to Twitter, you will develop a following you could not have gained otherwise.
  1. Recruiting potential employees has almost instant results with Twitter.
  1. You can set up periodic rewards for your employees and announce the winners on Twitter, thus connecting with your employees in a personal as well as professional way.
  1. Being on Twitter gives you access to all the high profile folks who follow Tweets.
  1. You can monitor conversations about your brand, which provides more valuable information than you can get by surveys and other means of hearing from customers and potential customers. This allows you to tweak what you offer, delete it, or change it to meet the needs of the buying public.

Using tools such as Tweetdeck and HootSuite you can save your searches for further review.

  1. Twitter can boost your profile for search engines, as the search engines now pull up not just web sites, but also Tweets.

From using positive tweets in your marketing and advertising campaigns to spreading the word about your products, Twitter is the best way to develop a personal relationship with everyone that enhances your business success.


Preemptive Reputation Management – Don’t Solve a Problem but Stop it from Happening in the First Place

preemptive-reputation-management-dont-solve-a-problem-but-stop-it-from-happening-in-the-first-placeTake the time to type in your business’ name in Google. What do you come up with? Do you realize that these results define what your online reputation is?

Reputation management is hugely important, something that a good reputation management expert will be able to tell you. But what is equally important is building a positive reputation in the first place. If your reputation is good, then it is less likely that you will get negative comments that you then have to deal with.

Three Things to know

Here are three things that you need to be aware about:

  • If something isn’t on the first three pages of Google, it may as well not exist.
  • 90% of all traffic goes to pages that are on the first three pages of Google.
  • The first ten results get 80% more traffic than results 11 to 30.

Ok, so what does this mean? Basically, if a negative opinion on you appears on the first three pages of Google or, worse still, in the first 10 results, that is what people will think about you. So you need to makes sure that those first three pages of Google are filled with nothing but good opinions about you.

So far so good, but you must really get to understand just how important this is. In fact, it is true not just for businesses, but also for individual people. Did you know, for instance, that 83% of recruitment agencies will look up a candidate’s social media profiles when they take someone on? And did you know that 43% of these will eliminate a potential candidate if they don’t like what they see? And, worst of all, there is very little that can be done about this. Threatening to sue for libel really only makes you look worse even if it actually is libel.

The reality is, and you will be told about this by experts in the field, that negative information can show up about you anywhere. And, as part of your reputation management strategy, you need to address these things as soon as possible. But you also have to look on the bright side of life.

If someone leaves a positive opinion about you, you need to work really hard at making sure that is found by others. In fact, you should put as much effort into this as you would on hiding a negative opinion that crops up about you somewhere. Another positive element about this is that you are effectively engaging in SEO – Search Engine Optimization.

Reputation management experts are SEO experts as the two are very closely related. They know how to get certain pages found and how to make sure others fall back into Google obscurity. Their role is to make sure your positive reviews gain higher page authority and ranking and, in so doing, they will also improve your overall online reputation. As such, it is a win-win situation.


Important Online Reputation Management Tactics

important-online-reputation-management-tacticsIt is impossible to keep up with the speed at which the internet is growing. Information is flowing in all directions and it is largely unregulated. There are many examples in which individuals or companies received negative attention that they didn’t deserve and that this totally destroyed their reputation. People like this will then have to turn to reputation management experts in order to mitigate the damage. In fact, their line of work is becoming increasingly important and common.

About Reputations

Everybody knows that having a positive reputation is important and that a bad reputation could mean losing everything. If a business’s reputation is damaged, it is possible that they will quickly see themselves go out of business. This is true from a business perspective, a political perspective and a social perspective. Unfortunately, recovering from a negative reputation is very difficult. Once upon a time, it would be possible to simply move to a different area and start afresh, perhaps with a name change. Today, however, the internet has made even this impossible. Luckily, experts have a number of tricks under their belt to improve the situation.

Online Reputation Management Tactics

A number of tools are commonly used. These include:

  • Social media. These platforms can be used to create positive brand images through reviews and general customer interaction.
  • RSS feeds. While this is becoming less common, it is a way of improving overall reputation. By having regular newsworthy items fed into someone’s inbox through RSS, it is possible to slowly start to rebuild a damaged reputation. Alternatively, blogging is an excellent platform to improve reputations as well. With both, however, a lot of hard work is involved,
  • Linking business profiles. By connecting with other high-quality websites that already have a positive reputation, a business can improve its own credibility as well. It is a type of quid pro quo situation because they are also helping the business that is linking to them by sending more traffic their way.
  • Wiki pages are incredibly popular and very easy to find on Google. Creating a Wiki page for a business, therefore, is very important in terms of improving their reputation. At the same time, it is vital that business owners stay on top of the information that is placed there. Wiki information is open source, which means people can come in and make changes. If the negative reputation of a business is caused by malicious people, it would be very easy for them to get into Wiki and damage them even further.

Online reputation management is a job in itself and it is a highly complex one at that. This is why it is so important to enlist the services of experts because it literally is a full-time job. Most businesses will probably be more concerned with the actual business processes of their company, which means they simply do not have the time to handle their reputation management as well. It is also very important that all businesses make sure that their customer service department and their reputation management consultant work very closely together, as they are completely related. Reputation management is not about stopping negative reviews from happening. In fact, that is the job of a customer service department. What consultants in reputation management do have to do, however, is make sure that positive reviews and feedback rank higher on the Google search results. They must also make sure that any negative comments are properly addressed.


Major Social Media Marketing Benefits To Remember

major-social-media-marketing-benefits-to-rememberSocial media marketing stands out as a promotion strategy that you need to use in the modern world. As people are becoming more active on social platforms, promoting your brand there is a necessity. If you really want to be valuable for your current and potential customers, you want to have an online presence. This is due to the various benefits that are associated with professional social media management services. We will discuss the main advantages below.

Increase Site Traffic

If you want to use the internet for business reasons, it is a certainty that you want to get people to visit your site. Internet traffic will automatically be limited when you do not use social media sites. The traffic that you gain from a search engine will mainly include people that will search for services or products like the ones you offer but everything will be based on the rank that you have for the keywords used. In the event that your search engine ranks are low, the amount of traffic you get is also low. You cannot fully rely on rankings and on the people that already know your services. Social media increases traffic in a short timeframe, thus being a necessity for your online exposure.

Cheap Exposure

Social media promotion is highly cost-effective. You only need one or two hours per day in order to develop the quality content that would perfectly fit your product, service or brand. After you create that content, you have to get it to be seen through social media channels. Most of the exposure that you will gain will be free and based on a completely viral effect. Buying advertising is also a possibility. In this case, prices are quite great even for the businesses that are quite small.

Getting The Brand Noticed

This is particularly important for a small to medium sized company. Branding is a huge part of success and the truth is that social media is highly effective for the small firms that do not have high advertising budgets. A focus that is put on social media marketing can lead towards promoting services or products to huge numbers of people. When people see your brand often, confidence and trust will be increased. That automatically translates into building brand loyalty.

Improving Conversion Rates

Because of the fact that there are more people that will follow you online and will find your products on the internet, conversion rates will increase. We are faced with a clear numbers game. Social media exposure grows and that allows you to interact with many potential clients.

It is obvious that not all interactions are going to convert into business. However, as interactions increase in positivity, the conversion rates will also increase. Make sure that you take out all the time that is needed to reach out towards the quality potential customers and clients. This is something that will humanize a brand, which is a necessity for modern businesses. Trust can only be established when a brand’s human side is visible.


A Detailed Look at Customertimes and the Services They Offer

Customertimes is a Platinum Consulting partner with its headquarters in Manhattan, New York City. Most of its offices are based in Europe, and the company affords a wide array of services that include mobile technology, Salesforce implementation, and outsourcing services for data-driven firms.

Customertimes Corp supplies professional services and proactive support of projects to clients in virtually 63 countries around the world. The organization encompasses a team of over 300 enthusiastic and talented consultants, business analysts, developers and mobile experts with exceptional knowledge and experience when it comes to Customer Relationship Management, specifically in the

A Unique team of consultants

Needless to say, Customertimes prides itself in its unique team of consultants who have certification. The firm boasts a track record of more than 200 successful cloud technology implementations, and it strives to help its client companies become more effective, enhance their mobile experience, and better manage their customer relationships.


Service Description

Salesforce Implementation

In addition to being a Platinum Certified Partner, CT is also an independent software vendor. It embraces an exceptional level of knowledge and experience when it comes to Customer Relationship Management. Consequently, it pledges to hoist its partner companies to a whole new level—particularly in terms of implementing a new system, supporting as well as optimizing an existing implementation.

Development Outsourcing

CT owns a global engagement model that allows you to select the outsourcing strategy that best suits your unique business needs and prerequisites. Typically, they offer help with product and application, enterprise application platforms as well as testing and support. Similarly, the firm provides a follow-the-sun approach. This particular approach is intended to keep their clients’ business up and running on a 24/7 basis.

Mobile Apps

Customer-times team develops Android and native iOS apps that can let you access your own data anytime, anywhere. Besides, CT creates real native offline mobile apps on the Saleforce1 platform. Access is likewise convenient—since you can access data right from your mobile devices. With these mobile apps, you’ll be guaranteed to stay atop the latest business updates, collaborate with the team and figure out perfect business decisions to realize success.

Key Industries

Some of the CT’s key industries include finance, life sciences, retail, and insurance. Let’s look at how CT helps these firms accomplish their business endeavors.


CT helps financial firms to boost their sales and decrease their expenses in the following way:

– Leverages and improves existing sales assets
– Optimizes and better manages the sales
– Helps with marketing content
– Transforms advisor-client interactions
– Creates new total customer experience


CT has managed to help many Pharma and Medical Device clients in its capacity as a Customer Relationship Management firm. Here’s how CT helps Life-sciences with its exceptional services to achieve success:

– Increase sales and service revenues
– Cross and up-selling of other products and services
– Decrease sales and marketing expenses
– Effectively manage and train field force
– Utilize superior services as key differentiators and selling point


CT Corp provides essential marketing tools to make the entire social, mobile, online and offline data actionable at any time—all without having to rely on IT resources when there’s need to access data.

Customertimes Corp is concerned that retail marketers or sales reps need to not only leverage their data, but also craft highly customized campaigns that can easily drive revenue and draw many clients in the shortest time possible. That’s why CT’s marketing tools are fundamental to the success of sales reps or retail marketers.


CT Corp utilizes CLM approach to help the insurance agents sell their premium services. The CLM approach engages the clients by making use of all the capabilities of personalized interactive presentations, along with instant feedback capturing. This is absolutely crucial—it creates highly personalized content, provides opportunities for cross and up sale, enhances marketing materials, decreases sales and marketing expenses and improves ROI.

In a nutshell; CT Corp is one of the best organizations when it comes to Customer Relationship Management. Presently, it boasts over 200 clients from 63 different countries, in addition to more than 300 experienced consultants. It has handled over 200 successful cloud implementations—and hence it is one of the best organizations to count on!


7 Strategic Content Marketing Tips to Boost Your Online Business

7-strategic-content-marketing-tips-to-boost-your-online-businessThese days the games have changed and when it comes to developing and retaining relationships with customers, the whole arena has gone a complete upgrade. Smart content marketers understand that they have to be quick on their feet, agile in their delivery of the content and extremely suave and savvy in their marketing strategy. They should come up with strategies that are out of the box and will catch the common eye. For small businesses proper content marketing helps to enhance one’s online user base and give the customers what they want, one must be intimately engaged with the audience. To help boost the online business, improve one’s content and enhance its delivery this set of 7 tips will be extremely resourceful:-

1. Budget wisely

Content marketing is a wolf in a sheep’s skin. The thing that looks the easiest and the cheapest is actually the most difficult and the most expensive task. Outsourcing and investing money in the wrong places is not wise. Have a look at the analytics, and put the money in the correct place, like the social media platform which is drawing the maximum traffic. It is important to take help of a good and cost effective forum like UK small business forum.

2. Provide clear guidelines

Content shared through the blog and social channels is a direct reflection of the business. One must provide clear guidelines about the look, feel and tone of the content that needs to be shared. Not only does this give the customers a refurbished idea about the business one possesses but it also shows the quality of the business and improves the delivery of the content makes. Even ghost marketing plays a vital role in the present content marketing techniques.

3. Set goals

To improve a business one must have a detailed routine and should have clearly set goals. The goals should be determined after having analyzed all the stats and other factors that determine the working and advertisement of the business online.

4. Stick to a schedule

Discipline is of prime importance, and customers appreciate consistency. Create a content schedule and stick to it, and this schedule can vary from channel to channel. If content is well written customers will be looking forward to the newer articles.

5. Make the promotional plans interesting

Constant promotion of paid plans and services is tiresome and dragging. So to adopt best of both the worlds i.e. client base and marketing of products, one can first share certain content to build relationships with the consumers and then top it off with a content that is designed in bringing in the sales.

6. Create Pinnable images and Infographics

Pinterest is a massive platform where the images and content are re-pinned and circulate throughout the platform for a considerably longer time compared to other social media. So beautiful, high quality graphics are likely to get re-pinned eventually.

7. Engage with your audience

The most important way to give the customers what they want is directly engaging with them. One must pay keen attention to the feedback and comments and these should be taken into consideration to allow improvement and make the company more customer-friendly.