5 Essentials of a Scholarship Resume

5 essentials of a scholarship resume
Scholarships have long helped uplift financially backward individuals reach their potential. A New York based startup Birchbox made a commitment to get more women interested in pursuing a career in tech. Various institutions have designated programs to help talented candidates lacking resources.

However, these programs are recipients of thousands of applications seeking a scholarship. For you could be amazingly talented but it requires you to get your resume noticed by the administrator going through these applications.

You can get past these hurdles by incorporating the following tips to craft a stellar scholarship resume.

5 key essentials of a scholarship resume:

  • Header and Profile Title
  • Objective/Professional Summary
  • Academics/Education Section
  • Professional/Internship Section
  • Volunteering & Extra-curricular Achievements

The above sections surmise an entire scholarship resume. The well-crafted sections in the sample below can give you insight into transforming your resume.

scholarship resume

Resume Header & Profile Title

A scholarship resume is different from a conventional resume.

So while drafting your resume, make sure it looks professional.

Don’t label your resume as ‘CV’ or ‘Resume’. Instead, write your full name at the top most part of your resume. Doing this will communicate that the resume belongs to you.

As for your profile title, write it along with the following terms:

Biotechnology Graduate” or “Research Scholar”, etc.


The objective section requires you to write the key traits you possess in a way that showcases your expertise & accomplishment. The objective could also serve as a Statement of Purpose; comprising the details on what makes you an ideal candidate.

Let’s take a look at the example below:

“Result-oriented Geology Graduate looking to deliver value by securing a scholarship for research in Oceanography. Adept at conducting both primary & secondary research and demonstrated capability to explore key areas of Structural Geology by publishing 3+ research papers.”


Since you are applying for a scholarship, prioritizing the education section becomes of paramount importance. Further, since the GPA plays a vital role here in defining your chances for getting a merit scholarship; make sure that you mention this information.

outdoor merit for scholarship

Here’s how you can construct the education section:

Berkeley University | BSc. Geology | Jul ‘12 – Aug ‘16 | GPA: 3.5/4 

  • Covered 5+ geological sites in the US & India to study Mountain Topography and Oceanography. 
  • Published 3+ field reports on Siwaliks Hills and selected for a trip to Utah out 50 applicants to study volcanic activities

Volunteering & Extra-curricular Activities

The chances of you getting shortlisted could get quashed by your indifference towards including volunteering & extra-curricular activities.

During your academic journey, such activities work as an addendum to your profile and it enhances your chances of getting shortlisted.

Additionally, mention any other scholarships or grants you have won. The idea is to give a compelling reason to get your profile shortlisted.

Whether the decision panel would shortlist your candidate or not will depend a lot on how much impact you’re able to make through your resume. Believe it or not, volunteering experience and any extracurricular activities works like a charm.

Here’s what you can do:

Awards & Competitions

  • Received a grant of USD 5,000 to conduct a field study of Niagara Falls | Aug ‘13
  • Declared recipient of Tri-Malayan Scholarship to study the glacier motions 

Extra-curricular Activities

  • Operated as the convener for monthly seminars conducted in the department 
  • Selected as the Keynote speaker for the Impacts of Climate Change on Glaciers & Ecological Hotspots

Professional & Internship Experience

internship experience for scholarship
The expectations of the scholarship directors depend on the capability and dedication of the student.

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While work exposure in the form of an actual professional experience or internship is not a deal-breaker, it certainly helps.

Having a professional or internship experience to your name could make you a serious contender. Let’s say you have an internship, you can write it down in your resume in the following way:

Summer Intern – Research Assistant | Geological Survey of Utah | Salt Lake City, Utah | Mar ‘14 – Aug ‘14

  • Performed work on GIS (Geographic Information System) to analyze spatial data
  • Assisted the Head of Paleontology division to publish 2+ papers on the Galapagos Islands

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