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kishore vaigyanik protsahan yojna

Kishore Vaigyanik Protsahan Yojna (KVPY) is a scholarship program which is administered by the Indian Institute of Science. This program encourages students to choose their careers in research areas of basic science. Students who cleared the KVPY exams are eligible to receive fellowship as well as admission to the Indian Institute of Science. The exam is conducted in three-phase and all phases are collectively used to prepare the cut-off. The Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore has the sole authority to publish the results of the exam.

The KVPY exam is a national-level fellowship program conducted every year and encourages talented students to opt for a research career. This exam has 3 streams: SA, SB, and SX. The syllabus of SX covers all the important topics, concepts, and chapters of class 10th, class 11th, and class 12th, while SA covers only four subjects: Physics, Chemistry, Biology, and Mathematics. For SB, the syllabus includes the first-year B.Sc. program with physics, chemistry, maths, and biology. Here are some tips and useful information to crack the KVPY fellowship exam.

Know your syllabus

Before starting preparation students have to be aware of the syllabus of the exam. They also have to know about the KVPY exam in detail. Once students can understand the syllabus and exam, then it is to prepare for it. After knowing the syllabus, students should set a goal to cover the syllabus within the specified time. To complete the work on time will be good for anyone either professionally or personally.

Prefer NCERT books

It is advisable to prefer NCERT books. Using NCERT books while preparing makes the concepts of these subjects easy and understandable. Also helps in scoring good marks and cracking the exam. NCERT books give students quality materials and the format of the books is too easy to understand. Once students read the book thoroughly, then they don’t have to worry about the exam and also no need to refer to another book.

Solve previous year papers

Previous year papers are the best source to understand the exam and the exam pattern. Students should try to solve previous year questions as much as they can. Practising previous year’s papers increases the chances to clear the exam and create an understanding of weak topics. It is the best way to prepare for the exam and help to assess their preparation. Self-assessment of preparation helps students to improve their performance and prepare themselves to face the exams.

Solve mock test

Mock tests are similar to trial exams for any final exams. For getting the best results, it is a must to solve a mock test. Practising mock tests provides a better idea of what kind of questions are asked in exams. This will also help score good marks. Practice mock tests imitate test-based exam preparation. These mock tests are extremely beneficial for students who are looking to perform better in exams. Mock tests help in reducing exam nervousness.

Do not refer to too many books

While preparing for the KVPY exams, it is advisable not to use various exam materials. Use one book and go thoroughly. Students who prepare thoroughly when they are in school can easily crack the exams. Understanding the basics of class 11th and 12th is very important. Students also solve the problems from various angles. To crack the KVPY exam, students must have high analytical and reasoning skills.

Use proper study plan

Students have to follow a proper and well-organised study plan. While preparing a study plan, one should keep in mind all the strategies and topics. To ace the KVPY exams, students have to study well. A proper study plan helps anyone to cover all the topics and chapters in a good way. Learning properly also manages anyone to be focused on every topic.

Practice regularly

“Regularity is the key to success.” The student should be practising all the concepts regularly. After the study, Students have to allocate some time for revision. Without revision, students are unable to memorise the concepts for a long period. Practising regularly will help students to score good marks and crack the exam. Practice efficiently will make you more focused and attentive.

Stay calm and relaxed

A calm and relaxed mind is more creative, so it is advisable to always stay calm and relaxed. Students are often nervous about their studies but the efficiency of a relaxed mind is much more than a nervous mind. Students have to be focused and attentive about their studies. Avoid unnecessary disquietness and start thinking about it positively.

Take healthy meal

Including healthy foods in your meal is good for students’ health. A healthy body helps students to utilize their minds effectively. Effective use of minds enables students to grasp more concepts and formulas. Eating healthy meals will affect students’ daily activities and make them fit and healthy. Eating healthy meals will improve anyone’s digestive system and boost their immunity.

Do exercise daily

A healthy body will lead someone to a healthy mind. So students have to ensure themselves to exercise daily. Doing exercise daily will not only help you to learn more but also prevent them from unnecessary diseases. This practice will also help students to feel happier and also increase students’ energy levels.

Some well-researched tips help students to crack KVPY exams. Students just have to practice all the above-given points and they have to be more attentive and well-focused in their studies. It is not tough to crack the KVPY exam, students just have to practice and have committed to their goals.

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