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Exams conducted by schools serve as a stepping stone for students’ careers enabling them to move on to further grades. The Class 8th exams will begin in a few months, and some students are still unsure how to study for the exam and get excellent results. Here are some helpful hints for preparing for the CBSE Syllabus for Class 8, which may help you enhance your performance and results.

NCERT should be your first choice when you want to top in your exams

All students studying in Class 8 will be supplied with NCERT books for Class 8 PDF. All of the topics that are taught to students at this level will have solutions. These are essential for students since they will be able to give all of the answers. Students must ensure that they are looking at the correct answer for the topic at hand. NCERT books for Class 8, in all cases, may be found on this website.

When one progresses through the early years of primary schooling and elementary education and is promoted to Class 8 standard, the curriculum standard shifts to a more direct concentration on upper secondary curriculum; as a student, you must push yourself to comprehend and apply different scientific ideas, study significant historical facts, and build the knowledge and abilities to express yourself starting at this level. For Class 8 students, the NCERT Textbooks are structured so that they must complete activities depending on the chapter they are studying.

Features of Class 8 NCERT Books

The NCERT-based CBSE academic pattern’s standard eight curricula are intended to prepare students to continue secondary and upper secondary education with ease. Students have previously been exposed to and are familiar with Applied Science and Mathematics basics at this level. The student is partly prepared to be exposed to ideas in Science, Mathematics, Social Science, and other subjects and they will study in more depth in secondary and upper secondary school.

In reality, such ideas must be fully grasped. Any misunderstanding about learning growth must be addressed; otherwise, students will struggle to comprehend fundamental theories and scientific concepts of study as they move through secondary and upper secondary school. NCERT books for Class 8  will be handy in ensuring that the student develops their knowledge accurately.

It’s critical that the accuracy of the information they’re receiving be maintained at this point. As a result, this is to advise students to use the subject-specific NCERT books for Class 8.

Make a list of critical concepts through NCERTs

The most straightforward technique is to start by creating a list of all the essential ideas and formulas for easy reference and review.

You won’t miss any critical topics if you list the chapters, and you’ll be able to review each subtopic and idea quickly. You may also remember ideas just by looking at the list.

  • Remove Your Doubts

The second and equally essential step is to ask your instructor to clarify any concerns or questions you may have as soon as possible. Hesitating to express your uncertainty will add to your confusion and lead to a loss of confidence.

  • NCERT is an excellent place to start

Concentrate on the NCERT curriculum since it has the most up-to-date solved examples. Complete all of the NCERT questions and models.

  • Previous year questions paper

Try to answer as many previous year’s question papers of Class 8 NCERT book as much as you can; this will help you figure out which questions have been asked before, as well as the aggregate marks assigned to each question. It also provides you with an indication of how long your response should be.

Solving papers also gives you a sense of how many ways the same question has occurred and how to respond to it.

  • Make an effort to write more

Scrutinize your ideas, but be sure you can write what you’ve learned. Writing, rather than just reading, has been shown to aid in remembering any picture for a more extended period. The report provides practice, enhances your responding style, and provides ideas for structuring your responses. You learn your writing pace and adapt appropriately throughout the test.

  • Make a Timetable

Make a study plan and practice the questions with which you are most familiar. Divide your 24-hour period into several modules, focusing on the areas where you need more time. It gives you enough time to prepare for any eventuality.

Prepare from Class 8 NCERT books by the subject.

NCERT Book For Class 8  Maths

Various topics require various kinds of preparation. For example, mathematics has graph plotting, solving as many linear equations as possible, geometry ideas, and, of course, formulas. This requires having a thorough hold of the concept and putting it into practice.

NCERT Book For Class 8 Science 

Diagrams and explanations are used to explain science. As a result, ensure that the chart to be displayed is as clean and straightforward as possible, as well as correctly labeled. Also, make a point of explaining every named component, such as the digestive system, respiratory system, and so on.

NCERT Book For Class 8 Social Science

The field of social science is broad, including economics, civics, history, and geography. So make sure you’re always up to date on the critical elements of each component, so you don’t forget anything around test time.

NCERT Book For Class 8 English

Improve your English score by completing as many passages as possible from your NCERT book, since from it,  you may get your points without having to memorize any answers.

NCERT Book For Class 8 Hindi

Hindi is also the core subject; students must focus on it too. The NCERT textbook of Hindi gives the students vast knowledge with simple language.

Just focus on the Chapter reading, Introduction, Word-Meanings, and Poems. It is all enough for exam preparation.


Students may obtain excellent grades in the test with the assistance of NCERT books for class 8. Students must, however, begin their preparations as soon as possible. Knowing key subjects and ideas ahead of time can aid in achieving excellent grades. The answers are used to figure out how to tackle complex issues correctly. To obtain excellent rates, first, solve the problems independently, then verify the responses from the solutions to see whether the answer is correct or incorrect.

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