How to Write Essays Faster and Better

What is behind the science of writing your college assignments faster? Why do some students manage to complete an essay over night while others can’t do it even when they have a couple of weeks? What is the difference between a good and a bad essay writing routine? Let’s find out.

If you have a paper to write, but don’t know where to start, this article will help to complete your task much faster than ever before. So, if you don’t yet consider getting a custom writing help from a professional service, keep reading.

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Essay Writing Routine

  • Reading comes first. Don’t start writing immediately after getting a task. Every essay requires its own approach, but all of them start with reading. An article or a book provided by your teacher is a starting point for further research;
  • The second stage is a healthy mix of both reading and researching. Start doing a research to avoid missing very important information that is hidden somewhere out there. Search for useful articles, journals, scientific reports in your university library, combining it with doing a research online. The Internet should never be the only one source for your essay. You can use Google Scholar as a more scientific and educationally oriented part of traditional Google search. Don’t forget about encyclopedias, which are full of useful information on any topic you might write;
  • As soon as you’ve done some research and read certain literature, you can get to writing. Write down some important parts of information you’ve found during research and reading. This doesn’t have to be a whole essay, just a couple of notes to base your future writing on;
  • Think about the structure. Now it is high time to consider how your writing should look like. A well-structured writing is the key to a successful essay. Create a short plan, highlighting only the main parts of your work. For example, an introduction, research questions, conclusion, etc.

The main mistake that most students make is the misunderstanding of their assignment. They are simply not careful enough when it comes to understanding what exactly is required by the task. So, make sure to read your task a couple of times. If you have some doubts about the topic you want to write about, contact your professor for an advice.

Don’t know what kind of topic to choose? Go with the current events. Choose the topic which is discussed and talked about a lot at the moment. Thus, you’ll get a plenty of sources available to do a profound research and you will be interested in your writing. This will be attractive to your readers as well. When you pick a topic, which you don’t know a lot about, it will be required to do a research before you start to express your ideas on the paper. So, you will need some time to look for qualitative sources on the subject online or in the library. The knowledge you gain helps to create a solid writing. But don’t use one source only, it is better to use at least as much sources as you have page in your essay.

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How to Write Quickly?

It is not enough to follow the structure and the research to write faster. Of course, it is important for writing better, but not faster. When it comes to producing a long essay in a couple of hours, you need to have a certain strategy.

  • Make a plan. A chaotic writing has never helped anyone to write faster. So, make a detailed plan of how you’re going to divide different parts of assignment during the period of time you have before the deadline;
  • Be focused. Don’t allow anything to interrupt you when working on the assignment. Forget about Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for a couple of hours. Find the place where you can be 100% concentrated;
  • Master some time management skills. Being focused is important as well as providing yourself with a 10-minute break;
  • Never edit your essay while writing it. This takes a lot of time. Editing and proofreading is the last stage of your writing assignment. Always re-check your essay for grammatical and spelling mistakes. If it is possible, ask someone else to read it out loud for you, or check it yourself, but after a couple of hours after you have finished writing.

If you know how to work on essays faster and better and apply this knowledge in practice, you can avoid a very stressful period of writing. In this case, essays, research papers, and even dissertations will be a pleasant and even an enjoyable part of your university life. Believe it or not, but a successful essay can be written in two hours only if a proper approach is used. Just practice a lot. As we all know, practice makes perfect.

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