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International Math Olympiad (IMO) is conducted for students of classes 9 to 12 (age 13 to 16 years). The basic aim of this competition is to provide a forum for talented young mathematicians to develop their mathematical skills and gain competitive experience.

Each country can send a maximum of 6 students under the age of 16 chosen through the national selection process. Each country will have its own national selection process.

The national selection is usually carried out in two stages. The first stage of the selection process is usually conducted at the school level. Based on the results of this test, the top 50 students are selected for the second stage of the selection process which will be carried out at the state/province/district level.

The national selection exam generally consists of 3 theory papers and an objective paper. All these papers are prepared by NSOI under the guidance of CMI (Commonwealth Mathematical Institute).

How to clear class 10 International Maths Olympiad (IMO)

Well, one of the best tips to clear the Class 10 Maths Olympiad is to practice.

What is meant by ‘practice’? Well, it means that you should start by learning as much as you can about math. If you want to be good at something you have to practice as much as possible so that it becomes second nature. If you are taking part in a math contest you have to remember everything that you have learned. You need to know all of the rules of the dates, times, and places of the contest.

A good way to practice is by recreating math problems on your own. Look at some of the most recent problems if you are preparing for an upcoming math contest. Also, check out the Previous Year Paper for IMO Class 10 Maths 2014. When you are practising on your own, try to think of different ways of solving your problem. You can try out different strategies, or use different ways of writing your answer. If you are doing well in math contests then you should be able to solve problems that most people have not solved yet.

Another way to practice is by taking tests. Math contests are often given in groups so that people can learn from each other’s mistakes and answer methods. As you gain more experience people will want to work with you because they know that you know what you’re doing and can help them to improve and learn.

Here Are Some Tips To Clear Class 10 Maths Olympiad-

  • Understand concepts
  • Practice
  • Make use of the formula sheet
  • Check off the wrong answer before elimination with one simple cross mark in pencil
  • Work on solving problems in one sitting with time pressure.
  • Do not waste any time pondering over a question. Eliminate any you cannot do straight away and then return to them later.

If you don’t know how to do math problems, then you need to try and work on your theoretical skills. Theoretical skills are the ones that involve making theorems and proving them. You can obtain top-down techniques through work in your field or in your academic classes. So if you want to improve your theoretical knowledge, then it’s important that you get started with forming theorems and providing proofs for them when applicable. You can study these types of topics by reading books on mathematics, or by talking with people who are more experienced in these areas.

What Are Some Things That One Should Avoid Doing?

Some students have trouble organizing their time, so they will spend too much time working on math problems. An hour or two is not enough time for them to get the most out of it. When you are spending too much time on math problems you will start to lose interest in them because there’s nothing else to do. You will get tired of the math problems and start thinking that there’s no point in working on them.

Another way that you can prepare for a math contest is to do research on websites or math competitions. Most people don’t want to work on the same kind of problems over and over again because they get bored with it. If you just keep doing the same problems over and over again you aren’t going to learn anything new, so try to vary your practice.

What Are Some Other Things That I Should Be Doing?

You should try to make sure that you are working on the problems at the same time every day. Reading the solutions of other people is OK, but don’t spend too much time reading them. Researching different possibilities before you start your actual practice is also good because then you will know what kind of strategies to use when you are working alone or with someone else. Try to get help if you are stuck because someone else knows the solution to the problem.

If One Is Not Working On Math Problems For A While, Then What Should That Person Do?

The last thing that you should do is to let your time and energy go to something that may be better for you. Usually, if people don’t work hard for a whole week they won’t learn as much as they could have.


When people get nervous they can get anxious about math problems. They will try to solve all of the problems, even ones that they don’t know so that they will have no problem-solving. Sometimes it can be very easy for people to think about a problem if they let their minds wander. They will start worrying about the problem and they will get uncomfortable. But this is not a good thing to do because it can really hurt your level of performance in a math contest. If you get nervous, then you might think that it’s best to just give up or try to fake your answers. These are just some general guidelines that will help students in clearing the Class 10 maths Olympiad.

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