Despite the negative predictions and official announcements of Bitcoin’s death, cryptocurrencies continue to lure investors and, arguably, still have much to offer to members of the crypto trading community. In today’s article, we’re going to take a look at four altcoins that haven’t garnered as much public attention as, say, Bitcoin and Ethereum, but still have a huge growth potential. So, after you finish reading, you may want to transfer all your money from PayPal to perfect money exchanger to make an investment of your lifetime.

1. Dash

dash coin
Dash is one of the most popular and most valuable digital coins available on the crypto market. It is one of the first privacy coins and longest standing masternodes that crypto has ever had. What most investors particularly like about Dash is its being quite predictable (if there is such thing as predictability in the world of trading.) Dash is a highly secure peer-to-peer network that intended to be used as a daily transaction to buy your cup of coffee. The fact that Dash is a fork of Bitcoin also contributes to its popularity and relatively high ratings. But unlike Bitcoin, whose transaction time is almost 10 minutes, Dash can perform transaction four times faster.

What’s more, Dash keeps all transaction private by mixing similar transactions and amounts. Thus, Dash prevents third party users from tracking your transactions. Finally, it worth mentioning that in the Dash ecosystem, they chose to put 10 percent of their mining rewards to the dedicated treasury account on a monthly basis. By doing so, Dash’s creators attempt to further the adoption of their coin. This all testifies to Dash’s strength in the market and thus being worthy of your time and money.

2. Energi

energi coin
Energy is a fork of Dash. But while Dash created to be a better version of Bitcoin, Energi was created to be a better version of Dash. It’s a scalable, self-funding crypto with the goal of becoming one of the leading crypto platforms in the space. Energy had what was known as a fair launch, meaning there was neither ICO nor pre-mine. Interestingly, Energi overtook Dash in terms of the monthly allocation of network rewards to a treasury.

Thus, Energi puts 40 percent into a treasury with the same purpose of encouraging its mass adoption. If Bitcoin had a system in place similar to that of Energi, it would have billions of dollars worth per year to allocate to development and reaching mass adoption. Finally, it’s worth mentioning that Energi transactions are all transparent and public. You can see month to month how Energi’s funds are allocated, which can help you decide whether Energi is worth giving a shot.

3. Ripple

ripple coin
Ripple is one of the oldest in the space created in 2012 specifically for bank and other financial institutions. So, while Bitcoin was created to free an average person from the centralized middlemen, Ripple pursued a different goal, namely, working with banks and regulators. And while Bitcoin is an open public blockchain, Ripple is a private semi-centralized permission blockchain. So, Ripple’s mission is to worldwide cross-border transactions. Right now such archaic systems as Swift are slow. It may take weeks to settle a transaction.

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What’s more, such transactions cost you hundreds of dollars in fees. That’s where Ripple comes in and saves the day. Of course, Bitcoin can do just the same. But for the time being, Ripple can cope with this task faster and for a smaller fee. Currently, Ripple’s on-demand liquidity is recording about 10 to sometimes 15 million dollars in volume per day. This makes Ripple a promising and profitable altcoin worth investing in.

4. Cardano

cardano coin
Cardano is another altcoin you want to watch out for in the nearest future. It’s a generation 3 DAP platform and Ethereum closest competitor. What differentiates Cardano from other cryptos in the space is its being a peer-review and academically accredited project with over 30 technical papers published to date. Moreover, besides its scalability and sustainability, Cardano is one of the few projects specifically focused on the interoperability. Thus, in the foreseeable future, Cardano’s poised to generate more blockchains that will be intraoperative with other blockchains.

Finally, Cardano’s focusing their adoption efforts on less financially secure countries, where people are in need of self-sovereign solutions to become banked. Currently, they strive to scale the already existing concepts of DLT by providing high-class DLT security and still enabling the usability of the coin.

We hope that our article will help you choose the best investment option and maximize your profit in the shortest time possible.

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