How Do You Get Angel Investors in Silicon Valley?

angel investors in silicon valley

Silicon Valley is a specific North California region known for being a global center for high technology and innovation. Due to the business setting of Silicon Valley, angel investors would be an asset to the area. The question is, what are angel investors, and how do you get them to invest in startups and businesses in Silicon Valley?

What is an Angel Investor?

Angel investors provide funds for a business or startup, usually in exchange for convertible debt or ownership equity. Funds that angel investors provide could be a one-time investment that is used to get the business off of the ground or could be an ongoing service to get the company into an “our mindset” mentality and function as a unit during difficult stages.

  • Angel investors may be high-net-worth individuals that can fund businesses in the early stages and often use their own money; this would only be 10% of their portfolio.
  • Angel investing may be the primary resource of funds for many startups
  • Support that angel investors provide stimulates economic growth
  • These types of investments are considered to be risky, and the investor may not want to invest depending on the factors involved

Angel Investors and Silicon Valley

Since there is such a booming business field in Silicon Valley, there are bound to be angel investors there. Manny Fernandez is one of the more well-known angel investors in Silicon Valley. One of his success stories includes TaskRabbit, which IKEA acquired. Manny is an expert in helping startups and businesses get into that “our mindset” mentally needed to survive among the competition.

Besides already established businesses, Silicon Valley is also a hub for startups. Therefore, it would be ideal for angel investors and their clients. But, of course, all potential clients would have to find the right angel investor looks around the area or advertise that they are in the market for one.

Angel investors can be a fantastic opportunity for investors and their clients. There are already many angel investors out in that area. You need to know where to look. Before hiring an angel investor, interview them correctly, ensure you are both on the same page, and that they are the right match for your startup or business.

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