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11 Modern Fonts for Headline and Branding

modern sans serif fonts
Typography or fonts not only for communication purpose, it also convey how we look toward the message that the font type represent. Since the beginning of time, typography had been playing a significant role in our society. Each type of font can help identify a certain brand’s sole identity. There are tons of unique modern fonts by font designers around the world, choosing one out of millions of these modern fonts is a hard task to do.

In this article, i will present you few of the best modern sans serif fonts that are great for website title headline and branding for designers to use in their next web design projects. Before that, let us journey on the revolution on modern typography.

What is Font?

A font, in simple terms, is the representation of some kind of text in a graphical format. The design, type, color and the layout impacts the person who is reading the text. The type of font also has a bearing on what kind of text you are reading and essentially the crux of the whole subject. When we come across a text written in a particular font we get an idea of what the subject matter may look like. Is it a very formal representation of a very pertinent topic or is it a description of any product, sports, films, etc.

The font essentially gives the first impression of the subject matter you are going to go through in that particular article. If the font and the layout along with the color coordination of the text are too loud or all over the place, it gives a sense that the author may not be addressing a very important subject, it may be a light hearted depiction of any topic. Not only a subject matter, you can identify a brand name or a product by recognizing its font. Manufacturers try to develop their product names in such a kind of font that would catch the eye of the consumers and which would stay in his mind when he would go around to purchase such products. There are tons of fonts developed by font designers around the world and it depends on the person or the company to choose the font style, design and color which would best suit their purpose.

What Consider a “Modern Fonts”?

Modern fonts, as we see today, has come as a long way since the inception of fonts. The former Old Style types was known as Baskerville and the subject of today’s modern history was categorized by the term the “Moderns” or “Didone”. It is known that the first modern typography dates back to 1784 when Firmin Didot who was from France instituted the printed page.

giambattista bodoniThere was an Italian type designer by the name of Giambattista Bodoni who was known to draw inspiration from the Romains Du Roi and the types of John Baskerville, whom he had great admiration for. The evolution of digital print media will forever be indebted to Bodoni since he was the one who had interpreted the crux of all the fonts which are available today. Bodoni’s Manuale Tipografico has a combination of 142 typefaces with another volume of his work containing Arabic, Greek, Russian and Tibetan types. The main characteristics of the fonts developed by Bodoni were distinguished by factors like a high contrast between the thick and thin strokes, abrupt hairline serifs, vertical axis, horizontal stress and small aperture.

There is a strong connection between the font styles of the Baskerville and Didone. If you remove the brackets connecting the serifs to its stems and thicken up the vertical strokes, the font would end up resembling a Didone. There was something dispassionate in the way Romans went about their job of developing font types. Their fonts reflected elegance and a sense of calmness prevailed when one would read through the text of those times. Their fonts were symbolized with the vertical axis coupled with strong horizontal stress. The letters were not in sync in such fonts and the reader would have to move his eyes across the page rather than up and down. The Modern day fonts were totally different in their approach of aligning the text in a manner which would grab the attention of the readers.

The main difference in modern fonts compared to earlier ones was that there were a lot of white lines and inter line spaces which gave them leading points towards the texts and also substituted them with appropriate margins. Open a magazine of the current times and the text and font style that these magazines use, resemble a Didone. The most common font styles that these magazines use are ITC Fenice, ITC Zapf Book, Adobe New Caledonia, ITC Bodoni, Gunter Gerhard Lange’s Berthold Walbaum to name a few.

Font Usage in Modern Web

font headline titleThe headlines of any newspaper or an online article give a sense of the main theme of the news. Thus it is essential to choose the correct font to have an impact on the reader and get him hooked to the article instantly. The font gives strength and force to whatever you want to convey or announce to the public. The font style is instrumental in conveying the message that you want to speak in a strong and impactful voice and not just give a statement.

The font size should be bigger than normal written text but it should be appropriate and not look out of proportion. Not being too fancy and experimental is a better choice. A clean, bold font which stands out ends up hitting you hard. Some newspapers have recommended in combining lower and upper case types to work in sync and look good on the eye. Capital letters also have a greater impression and influence on the reader. You have to judge which words you should print or type in capitals to send the message across to your readers. You can instantly grab the attention of your readers as a text in capitals make the readers’s eyes move towards it and the keyword gives the inclination on the subject matter of the discussion.

Modern Font in Logo Re-branding

The rebranding process of a brand is a delicate task as a change in the logo and font style may impact its customer base. You, as a person in the top management of a company would not want your goodwill or customer base to get affected by this rebranding process. The rebranding process may be done due to several factors. It may be because the company wants to manufacture a product which caters to a different target audience than its previous products or it just wants to create a strong identity of itself in the face of such strong competition.

Another reason may be that the fundamental goals of the organization has gone through a change which is why the company wants to create a logo with a particular kind of font which depicts the new idea and the change it has gone through. It has to dish out the negative factors that were there and try to create new strongholds with the launch of a new logo.

Let us look at a few organizations which have made a change in their logo:

gap logo redesign
GAP: The rebranding process of this organization takes into account the risk factor associated with it. It had a dark blue logo with “GAP” written in capital. But by the end of 2010, the iconic blue rectangle was removed and a blue square was placed over “p”.

starbuck logo redesign
Starbucks: Starbucks logo has gone through many changes in its glorious years in the market. The words “Starbucks Coffee” has been removed but the new logo still holds its patent green and it is a more simplified version now.

vodafone logo redesign
Vodafone: One of the largest telecommunication providers in the world has changed its logo for the first time in the year 1997. The color has been retained but the shape which resembled that of a “sim card” has seen a huge transformation.

That concluded the journey of font evolution, hope it can help you understand more about typography role in today society, without further a due:

Here are most used and popular modern fonts today:

1. Infinity

infinity sans serif fonts
This font size was developed by a Bangkok based graphic designer by the name of Tarin Yuangtrakul. The Infinity symbol got its inspiration from the symbol “8”.It was created with a simple structure of lines and curves with a round corner and cap. The Chinese word for the number 8 signifies wealth. Thus it is signified as an auspicious number and that is why this font style is so popular even today.

2. Bigmouth

bigmouth sans serif fonts
This font was developed a long time back and has been in reckoning ever since. It was developed by Twelve Twenty which was a collaborative effort of three web designers, Timo Kuilder, Jankees Van Woezik and Eric Paul Lecluse. The current Bigmouth font that you get to see has been tweaked a little. The rough edges have been polished and refined while a “Bold” avatar has also been introduced.

3. Fairview

fairview sans serif fonts
Fairview is a condensed version of the age old sans serif font. It boasts of small cap alternatives which were prevalent in the 20th century.

4. Dense Regular

Dense font signifies a versatile and modern avatar of the compact modern sans serif font. It was designed by Charles Dound. It is available in three versions, thin, regular and bold so you can customize this font style according to your need.

5. Phantom

It is a purely uppercase font type and is well used to display a headline or an important announcement. It has 9 free weights designed by Frank Hemmenkam. He was a person whose font styles were appreciated by people. This served as a motivation for him and he designed some other great font styles like Baron Fonts to only name the best of the lot.

6. Look Up

Filiz Sahin created a design which had a home like appeal to it. Every letter has an arrow attached to it. It can be typed by accessing the upper and lower cases of your keyboard. He first saw these arrows on a website which prompted him to create such a design. This design due to its new and funky nature was well appreciated by the audience. It had an element of fun and quirkiness to it which resonated with the crowd of that time. Posters, T-shirt paintings, Banners, Printings all look good in this font style and is still hit with poster and t-shirt manufacturers.

7. Kelson Sans

It was designed by Bruno Melo who hailed from Sao Paulo, Brazil. It is a modern outlook of the original Kelson type fonts. When it was first created, the font was not working fine. The Kenning, spacing and some features had been corrupted and it was difficult to get those fixed. The new Kelson Sans font has seen a sea change with the improved qualities and refined typefacing.

8. Sahara

Pedro lObo who had graduated as a web designer was instrumental in creating this font style. This was a font whose outline had been created before. He found this layout and worked on it to create this design. Not only was he an expert in web designing, he started drawing topography in his later years which is still popular.

9. Nexa Light and Bold

Nexa Light and Bold is a geometric typography designed by Bulgaria based founder Fontfabric. It looks refreshing as it comes in various formats and gives customization options. The Bold version is useful when you want to highlight the main heading or important points of a text and the Light version can be used in continuous writing.

10. RBNo2

It is gothic sans formed designed and created by Rene Bieder of Fontfabric. The inspiration of this font dates back to the 19th century which has German inclination to it that resembled straightness along with geometric forms. When combined with other Sans Seriff fonts, it looks really catchy.

11. Prime

: It has a very simple outlook with a tinge of technological upgradation to it. It has a strict pattern and a type of geometric design. It can be read in various font sizes and is a distinct one. But it has some key attributes to its design and layout which helps it to stand out.

Final Conclusion

These modern fonts offer a great deal of features and you get a lot of options to choose from. They look contemporary and clean alongside resembling some roots of the past decades. These are very helpful in logo branding, headlines, captions, posters, banners and in a host of other places. It is a determining factor in getting your graphic design perfect and to send the message across. Thousands of modern fonts available for you to choose so don’t get puzzled while choosing the perfect one. Hope you choose the perfect font style that suits your needs!

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