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Best Places to Share Your Infographics, Submit One Today!

Infographic become one of the most demanded and favoured content marketing strategy today. Bloggers who wanted to expose their content need to be more creative on how to present their information effectively. Hence infographic become a more favourable voice for bloggers to express what their content about in graphical matters where all level of readers can understand.

Why Infographic Better than Text?

It is common knowledge that people love pictured text info rather than only text info. A good infographic can properly layout the important message needed to send to your readers with a single eye scan of the image. You do not want readers to guess what you’re trying to implied in your infographic. If you have the budget then you can hire a graphic designer to create an infographic for your content campaign. However you can also find the best free infographic tools around the web, it’ll cost you nothing except some creative limit.

Looking for places to submit your infographic?

You need sites that focus on infographic designs, tips and tutorials to get the best exposure of your infographic. Even if you had a useful and informative graphic content that you want people to know, its useless if nobody know about it and share with the web readers. So, what you need is fully manageable sites that can help you spread your infographic with their avid readers and community.

Here are top 5 sites that you can submit and share your infographic. is the best site to submit your infographic. They have a high Pagerank of 7 and received more traffic then any other infographic sites. All you have to do is sign up, click on the submit page and then follow instructions. Your infographic will be published straight away with a link or two to your site.

Design You Trust
This design blog and community is an excellent place to submit your infographic with a PageRank score of 6/10 and high levels of traffic. All you have to do is register for the site, login and then create a blog post including your infographic and a link to your site – the post will appear right away.

Infographic Directory
An infographic directory created by Brian Wallace, the founder of NowSourcing, Inc., an infographic design and social media firm. This directory included many categorize infographic such as business, animal, food & drinks, enviroment, family and many more.

Love Infographics
This infographics community site is another one that you should submit to with a good PageRank score and traffic. All you have to do is register, sign in and then fill in the form including a link to your site to submit. Your infographic will appear on the homepage right away.

Cool Daily Infographics
A medium traffic Pagerank 3 infographic blog that publishes lots of infographics in a wide range of categories. Click on the submit page and fill in the form to complete your submission. Cool Daily Infographics has featured quite a lot of outstanding infographic work.

Tips on using infographic effectively

One of most effective method to get more exposure for your infographics is to be shared by users in This sites have millions of daily visitors and it will boost your site traffic when user viewed and click the source of the infographic shared by you or other pinterest users.

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