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Stocking Fillers for The Web Designers

stocking-fillers-for-the-web-designersWith Christmas just one month away now is the perfect time to make that wish list for those stocking fillers for all budding web designers.

Adobe Photoshop

This is a must have package for any budding or professional web designers. The Adobe Photoshop family includes all the tools you need to bring out the shine in your digital images and helping to show them off in an extraordinary way.

June 2014 saw the release of the cutting-edge technology Photoshop CC and the introduction of a new smart sharpen tool designed to reduce noise and make the image look clearer. One of the highlights of Photoshop CC is the new upright tool, which helps to detect and straighten any lines in your image which should be horizontal and vertical.

ProofHub is a great project management tool which help web designers develop a project plan for current web design projects, add discussions to topics like “Project Milestones” as well as assign specific tasks to individual team members.

If you are a business looking for web design management software put ProofHub on our Christmas list as this is fantastic tool to have in that Christmas stocking and you can even make the most of your early present by trying out the 30-day trial.

InVision LiveCapture

Invision is a prototyping tool that enables designers to easily collaborate on design projects and to showcase their work. The state-of–the-art tool takes full-length snapshots of live websites and helps users provide feedback during the design process. Benefits of using this are that it’s easy to work with, and provides great ways of collecting inspirational ideas. Even professional web designers like Allison Chefec, web designer at news site, BuzzFeed, regularly uses Invision, she says: “We’re really big fans of InVision at BuzzFeed. Before we started using it, I could have listed out all the features I wanted in a product like this, and I feel InVision has hit them all, as well as taken care of things I never would have thought of. To be honest, I just really love using it!”

HTML and CSS: Design and Build Websites book

No Christmas is complete without a good book to read and what better present to receive than a full colour introduction to the basics of HTML and CSS.

This book Introduces HTML and CSS in an interesting way that helps people of all abilities learn as it makes use of all information graphics and lifestyle photography to explain the topics in a simple way that is engaging as well as highlighting a structure that allows you to progress through the chapters from beginning to end or just dip into your favourite topics of particular interest at your leisure. You can purchase this from at £12.73 for a paperback version.

A pen and a notepad

It’s just as important for a web designer to have a nice pen and a notepad just as much as it is for a writer or journalist. Inspiration can happen anywhere at any time and when those sometimes rare moments arise you want to capture them whilst the iron is still hot.

By carrying a notepad around or keeping one beside the mouse pad, or even by your bedside as some people find themselves more creative during the evening or first thing in the morning, you can immediately capture those moments of creative fairy dust . Don’t worry if you aren’t much of an artist yet, your notes, scribbles and doodles can eventually lead to that perfect web design.

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