wan-networkingA recent article featured on TechTarget’s Search Networking page, Why WAN Infrastructure Health Can’t Be Ignored Any Longer, brought up some interesting points about the increasing dependence enterprises place on Internet-delivered services. In short, businesses have become increasingly reliant, perhaps dangerously so, on cloud-based applications and services. In the past, if an enterprise couldn’t connect to the Internet, it could still largely function. Phones would ring and most everyone was able to do their jobs, albeit not as optimally as they might like. Today, an Internet outage can cause everything to come to a screeching halt as everything from CRM, POS systems, invoicing, and shipping to collaboration and PBX services is hosted online.

According to the article’s author, Patrick Hubbard, “We’ve basically bet the farm on apps like SalesForce, and our businesses would quickly grind to a halt if the WAN infrastructure was unreliable. But we’re OK because the WAN is made of wondrous magic beans, right? No, it’s not. Never has been. Trusting business blindly to WAN links is a fool’s paradise.”

This increased reliance on cloud-based applications and services does make the thought of an Internet outage quite scary. However, it’s not just a full-scale outage you need to be concerned about. Application performance has become a major issue — even when everything appears to be up and running.

wan-optimizationFor example, according to Aryaka, a provider of WAN optimization services, “IT managers know that application performance is critical. If your applications lag, worker productivity drops. If your e-commerce sites load slowly, customers leave in droves. If your SaaS application is slow, employees won’t use it. And now businesses must support access for end users on everything from smartphones to tablets to virtual desktops.”

Indeed, most everything your employees use to perform their jobs is now hosted “in the cloud.” If the cloud can’t deliver, or if it can’t deliver it quickly enough, productivity and morale suffer.

Ironically, Aryaka’s WAN infrastructure health and performance solution, WAN Optimization as a Service, is also cloud-based. This service helps enterprises avoid the public Internet and costly, private network links. At the same time, its global distributed network is optimized to accelerate applications — including IP-based and SaaS applications — to branch offices and mobile users alike.

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