Long-Term Effect of Living in Technological World

long term effect of living in technological world

Today’s world has revolutionized, and all this change has its price. People own technology gadgets that they are either using directly or indirectly. Most of the inventions have taken parts of the world, such as using a smartphone. With technology, life has become simple as you can get what you need quickly and conveniently.

Technology is here with us and won’t leave but keeps on expanding. Every technology that enters the world, its purpose is to improve lives, but, in some instances, it has the potential to affect physical and emotional health negatively.

Here are some of the long-term effects of living in a technological world.

Ø  Technology is addictive

The use of technology is so addictive and has become more difficult for people to disengage. Some people may spend more than 12 hours a day, which is a diagnosable addiction. Children who are addicted to computer gaming and other online content might cause some health complications as they grow. Instead of spending all of your time on social media to somehow get an increase in the engagements we all crave, it’s better to work smart and get some help from special services or to share only quality content that everybody will be satisfied by.

Ø  Feeling Isolated

The use of mobile devices has caused a lack of human interaction that can lead to depression. The most exchange takes place online, which may cause one to feel disconnected from humanity. Sometimes you may find online friends that are not real. The use of online devices as communication bridges may hurt your relationship.

Ø  Mobile Device Overuse Reduces Sleep Quality

Most children have tech devices within their bedrooms. Children spend a lot of time with mobile devices and are sleepless. When someone lacks sleep, it might cause some problems to the function of the brain. Sleep helps the brain refresh up and restore the work of the impulses ready for the subsequent day’s work.

If you need to stop such habits, you have to educate your children on the effect of mobile devices around them. You can use the Screen Guide Parental Control App to control your children’s time on the screen. As you improve the balance on the screen, you also improve children’s sleep quality.

Ø  Health Problems

The use of technology gadgets like a tablet can be harmful to your children. The more they are using the devices, the fewer physical activities they can do. The problem with online game gaming combines snacking, substituting the balanced alimentation. Due to that, they found they had to spend their time playing outside, running, and burning calories. With such habits, it leads to weight gain that causes problems with children’s health.

If you have to prevent such habits, parents need to initiate parental control to balance the quality and quantity of their time on digital devices. Children should learn that there is time for everything, and they need to play since the problem might cause long-term effects.

Ø  Stunt the Imagination in Children

Children’s imagination towards technology may not be good. You may still recall when playing using a cardboard box or making a fort out of blankets in the living room that means that imagination is not ending because you had to do it. That will raise the question of whether the technology is hurting or harming children.

Kids no longer think about what they should do practically but rely on their imagination. What they love is to open their computer and play video games where they will spend hours. In light of such an act, you have to think about how that will impact the children’s growth.

Ø  A Loss of Privacy Online and The Risk of Hacking Creates More Deceit

The use of online has been a problem for many, and most people opt to set a fake profiles. You can’t be sure of some people you’re chatting with unless you’re with them. Some who have been lured into a relationship may not end well.  It causes deceitful behavior, especially among children and teenagers. Here you need to accept things with face value for a better experience than what online might hold.

Ø  Musculoskeletal Problems

With the intense use of mobile devices, there are high chances of you holding your head in an unnatural forward-leaning position. When you lean in such a position, it puts a lot of stress on your neck, shoulders, and spine. Nevertheless, it can lead to repetitive strain injuries of the fingers, thumbs, and wrists.

If you have such a problem, you can still avoid them by improving how you’re working through it and taking frequent breaks to stretch. You can also create an ergonomic workspace as you maintain proper posture while using your devices. If the pain caused persists, you need to seek medical attention for assistance.

Ø  Cause Eye and Ear Problems

Prolonged use of digital devices like computers, tablets, and cellphones causes digital eye strain. When you spend most of your time in front of the computer, your eyes become blurry, and you have difficulties focusing from constantly staring at a screen.

Most people like to listen to loud music without noticing the consequences they are imposing on their hearing. The use of earbuds can damage hearing. Any load volume either from video games or music can’t help your hearing ability but instead causes a lot of damage.


As a parent or a guardian, you need to monitor how children use digital devices and what content they access to control access. The negative impacts of technology are many, and you need to know more to choose how you will take control. Please seek advice from a relevant person before they outweigh you in case of any problem relating to the use of technology.

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