iOS or previously known as iPhone OS is a mobile operating system developed and distributed by Apple Inc. If you familiar with iOS then you would know that in the beginning of iOS development, there are couple of icons that are common to iphone users.

But over the years, designers had been more than creative on designing a better and detail-ish iOS icons design. With the rapidity growth of social media and mobile applications development, many company and start-ups willing to spend thousands to hired a designer to create a unique icons to brand their up and coming mobile apps on iOS.

How iOS Default icons looks like:
In this article, we will look at example of modern and great details iOS icons design

1. Coca Cola Machine

2. Electrics Old Fashioned Hot Dogs

3. Snow Whites Coffin

4. Grill

5. Cassette Recorder

6. Electric Range

7. Kitchen Sink

8. Brother

9. Tagger

10. Air Hockey

11. PicShift

12. Soda Machine

13. Nikon One

14. Lens

15. Usb Flash Drive

16. iOS Rattle

17. Creative Gigaworks

18. Cake

19. Letter iOS

20. Samsung Galaxy Camera

21. Blackmagic Camera

22. Boss Pedal

23. Rolleiflex Camera

24. Leica

25. Melodiya MG

26. Silvertone Radio

27. Balanced Inflation

28. Polaroid White

29. Polaroid Black

30. Xbox Gamepad

31. Dendy

32. Store

33. Calvin Klein

34. Mac Pro

35. Volkswagen Van

36. Pringles

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