10 life hacks for studying as a programmer

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Programming skills are among the marketable skills in the age of technological operations. Learning code from scratch, however, may prove a challenging task.

Whether you intend to enroll in a college program or become a self-taught programmer, these life-hacks should come in handy. Together with homework help at Domyhomework123.com, these hacks will make your journey to becoming a master programmer more bearable.

  1. Learn in small chunks

It is human nature to rush through various processes and get the reward in the shortest duration. It is the end that justifies the need anyway, right?

Like other processes, rushing through a programming course may result in multiple knowledge gaps, which limit your performance. To avoid this, you should enlist the sub-topics you intend to cover and organize a schedule for their coverage.

Also, ensure to allocate each time for study and practice, thus strengthening your mastery of various components. If possible, ensure small breaks in each study session, thus addressing various topics with a fresh perspective.

  1. Start at the beginning

In a bid to complete the coursework faster, you may be tempted to skip the basics and tackle the ‘important’ sections. While this may result in a shorter study duration, it is detrimental to your study.

By doing this, you limit your comprehension of various sections that require the knowledge of previous units. Owing to this, you may find yourself stuck in various topics, thus consuming more time to tackle the units.

For a strong foundation, invest as much time in basics as is needed. This will not only be helpful in the study but also in debugging scripts where errors were made on trivial elements.

  1. Join a coding community

No man is an island. And when it comes to coding, nothing beats the support of a team of your peers and skilled programmers.

By joining a coding community, you encounter various problems faced by other experts, thus challenging yourself to find a solution. This exposes you to more coding ideas and exposes you to the building blocks of popular programs.

Similarly, a coding community serves as your source for answers regarding issues you face when coding.

  1. Invest more time in practicing learned code

Programming is a highly practical field. To understand the language you select to study, you should invest a substantial amount of time playing around with the code.

After mastering how to manipulate the code to perform various tasks, you can easily find the simplest code for performing various tasks.

  1. Code by hand

Coding by hand is recognized as the universal test for a programmer’s proficiency. Unlike typing on a computer, you are denied assistance by applications and the privilege to run code before its complete.

By limiting yourself, you identify various mistakes within your code and improve your mastery of the codes for various functions. Where possible, take tests from online sites to gauge your approach to the one provided.

  1. Take breaks when debugging

Similar to studying programming, you need a fresh mind when debugging your scripts. For this, ensure that you limit the sessions you allocate to identifying the bugs in your code.

For instance, you could employ the Pomodoro technique and take time off the program after you are done coding. Doing this gives you a fresh perspective, therefore helping you spot all possible bugs compromising your code’s performance.

  1. Read other people’s code

As part of our uniqueness is a varied approach to solving various challenges we face during various tasks. When coding, we all have a different approach to bring various components of a program to life.

For a wider range of solutions, ensure to interact with various codes, thus gauging the solutions applied by skilled programmers. This helps you broaden your thought and take on a variety of challenges with ease.

  1. Revisit basic mathematics concepts

Mathematics is a crucial component of programming. By mastering various mathematical concepts, you can find easy formulas to perform various functions in your code.

This could be achieved by taking a refresher course in basic mathematics, thus learning how various concepts can be applied to your coding experience.

  1. Master the use of search engines

Search engines are rich repositories for a variety of solutions. Unlike some fields, most errors encountered when coding has already been experienced before.

As such, the solutions to multiple errors are available on search engines. The challenge, however, comes in searching for the precise information to solve your problem. To avoid this, you must master the tips and tricks for optimal use of search engines.

This knowledge will help you find solutions to various issues, thus broadening your knowledge and efficiently tackling tough issues.

  1. Contribute to open-source communities

Contributing to open-source programs helps you gain exposure to your programming language and gain feedback from professionals. Also, open-source programs are often tweaked to perform optimally.

This exposes your code to scrutiny by various professionals who then recommend relevant changes. In turn, the changes inform your coding style, which helps you improve your skill to a higher level.

It is also key to note that this contribution can strengthen your portfolio, thus landing you more opportunities.


Commitment is a key ingredient to becoming a professional programmer. Besides acquiring study materials and enrolling in a coding course, you are, to a large extent, responsible for the growth of your skills.

By following the tips offered in this article, you hasten your learning experience and gain exposure to various development in your language.

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