Branding is one of essential process when starting a business. When designing a logo, logo designer will make the effort to ensure the logo brand will work in black and white and in any medium like on billboard, t-shirts, business card, business accessories and stationery like envelopes, paper note and more.

The text only logo trend is not something new but it sparked some rising in recent new business start-up. Following the trend, many designer trying to adapt by using a special mark on logo type or slight edit to the typography that make them stand out from the rest. Best sample would be the old Microsoft logo


Which you might know they recently had a complete overhaul redesign on the official Microsoft Logo. Today i am going to showcase 10 black and white logo designs that use only text or typography treatment method.

Unit Logo

Unit logo designed by Tibor Pap from What i like about this logo is the double text treatment, if you look closely, there is 2 ‘unit’ text in this logo.

‘W’ Logo

‘W’ logo designed by Mayuscula Brand. Not sure what i think about this but its really is a simple type treatment in single alphabet.

Kixbox Logo

Kixbox logo designed by Seven Eight. Who said branding need to be obvious and clear presentation, well kixbox proof otherwise. The type treatment really suited a boot and shoes branding, you know the ‘shoelace’ concept 🙂

SHIFT logo

SHIFT logo designed by H3AD3AD. logo text in rectangle design, all words fitted nicely.

‘HG’ Logo

HG Logo origin unknown, however i love how the G hidden within the H, clever type treatment by the logo artist.

Version2 Logo

Version2 logo designed by James Cullen

Dynamobel Logo

Dynamobel logo designed by Saffron

Eaton Logo

Eaton logo designed by Lippincott

Sushi Logo

Sushi logo designed by Alen Pavlovi. One of my favorite logo but its not black and white tho..just a little red spot there is.

Idea Logo

Idea logo designed by Ji Lee

What i think?

One of great prospect of logo or branding looking great in black and white is that they can be perfectly match with any colors. With clear symbolic and branding edge, designer will not find it hard to in-corporate any brand specific color into the finalize logo.

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