3 Reasons Your next Event Needs Custom Printed Shirts

Whether you’re throwing a food festival, music festival, film festival, parade, or any of the other myriad reasons to get people in the community together, one thing is for sure – you want it to run smoothly. There’s a lot to consider here: you have to make sure there is a level of security commensurate with the type of event; that washrooms and other necessary facilities are set up and accessible; and that everything is well timed and placed to flow properly and effortlessly. Not an easy task!

But, in pulling all this off, event organizers sometimes overlook the small details, like the need for quality, custom printed shirts. Rather than have your staff or volunteers dress in their own clothes, or simply colour coordinate, get your own custom t shirts for the event made – as you’ll see below, there are three compelling reasons!

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Market The Event At The Event

Yes, the event is underway, but that doesn’t mean it still doesn’t require advertisement, as you will want to capitalize on foot traffic around the area to pop in and see what’s happening. By giving custom printed shirts to your staff, volunteers and/or participants, you effectively advertise the event to all who see them. This is especially important if yours is a recurring event, because, when the event is over, the shirts drum up excitement for the next event. If you give good quality, custom made shirts out, chances are people will wear them throughout the year – not only on the day, or few days, of the event – thereby creating a year-round marketing campaign for the event.

Make Your Staff Or Volunteers Stand Out

Next, custom printed shirts serve a practical purpose in that they allow event-goers to easily identify the staff, volunteers and organizers. If you have tiers of responsibility, like for instance if you’re putting on a big parade and you need float captains, marching captains, day volunteers, etc., try colour coding the custom shirts to help the public (and other staff) identify everyone. Not only does this help the even run more efficiently, but it also really helps in the event of an emergency or problem.

Tie-In With Sponsors

If your event has corporate sponsors, chances are they are concerned with their brand’s visibility, and while putting mention of their name on posters and banners is a great start, offering them the opportunity to be on staff shirts is a big selling point. For sponsors, the prospect of having their logo printed on a good quality shirt that will potentially be worn year-round in association with a fun event is a marketing dream. The logo doesn’t need that much real estate, either – somewhere on the back of the shirt will do just fine.

You see, it’s these little things that organizers sometimes miss that can help out immensely. Seeking out good quality shirts with good quality screen printing, although a small task, can pay off in a number of ways.

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