4-essential-things-that-newbie-seo-consultants-should-knowIf you are planning to take up the career of a SEO consultant, but are hesitating just because you don’t know from where to start, understand that all of us have to start somewhere and at some point of time. And nothing can be best than starting from the basics.

Every SEO consultant has her/his own set of skills and knowledge; however, all of them have to know some common things. Following are four essentials that every SEO expert should know whether a pro or a beginner.

1. The Prime Aim of SEO – User Experience

When you do SEO, you are basically doing it for improving user experience. Remember:

Things you will do to improve SEO will improve user experience too.

Things you will do to improve user experience will improve SEO too.

What is the reason for this? It’s because the prime aim of SEO is to offer the best user experience in the form of the most useful content to the correct users. To achieve giving the most useful content to the correct users, you should be able to create the content in such a way that it should satisfy those implicit needs too. Most UX experts focus on user interface, making out visual elements, sizing, information architecture, typeface, layout and other things users see.

A slightly different view is adopted by a SEO expert. S/He isn’t focused just on what users see, but on what they want.

The aim of search engine optimization is to understand and cater user intent. The definition of user intent is user’s goal. Mostly, a user that types the search query has one of the following three purposes:

  1. Knowing – Informational search
  2. Purchasing – Transactional search
  3. Going somewhere – Navigational search

SEO consultants have to back up and know how to get the correct searches from the correct users. The goal here is to give the best experience to those users.

Some people think that SEO and UX conflict with each other. However, as per Sujan Patel following are areas where both of these connect:

Navigational elements like breadcrumbs are necessary for user experience. And they also offer excellent SEO features like crawling, indexation and site structure.

HTML sitemaps offer crawlability to SEO and help users to get the correct place to go too.

One of the integral parts of SEO is text blocks, useful for creating semantic relevance and longtail keyword indexation. Users obviously need text blocks to know the website, product and so on.

If you are intending to become an ideal SEO consultant, ethical, professional and smart, what you should keep in mind is users! You should give them whatever best you can give; and the actual search optimization? It comes secondary, and automatically too.

2. Importance of Links

Whatever you may think, hear or say, inbound links have still a lot of importance in SEO. You cannot find a website that ranks high in the search engine results without any authority. You may feel sad, but really, there is no other alternative J! Some other practices like social signals, brand signals and co-occurrence/co-citation have emerged recently and they are important too, but they have not been able to replace links so far as ranking signals.

To date, it is apparent that Google, the foremost search engine, depends largely on links for ranking websites. They punish sites with bad links and reward those with good links. If you consider two sites which are exactly the same, but one with no inbound links and the other with 100 authority links, obviously the latter will rank high in search engines, while the former won’t.

3. Importance of Title Tags

The second important thing for getting high ranking in search engines is title tags. Search engines look at the HTML element called title tag while indexing your page. Users too see it while your website is being seen in the SERPs.

The job of title tag is just to describe what’s on your page. There are four simple rules to form the best title tag:

  • Using primary keyword
  • Using secondary keyword
  • Using brand name in the end
  • Keeping it within 60 characters

And you are done!

Hey, you need not so ponder so much on title tag; it is important, no doubt; but you can use the title that describes your content the best and your best title tag will automatically be created. Only thing to remember is neither to overstuff it with keywords, not to leave keywords out entirely.

4. Last, But Not the Least – Content

You may be bored, hearing about the importance of content – but you should keep it necessarily in mind that content rules supreme!

Arguments may take place among SEO specialists over whether content is important or technical SEO. In fact both of them are important. So, the best thing to do is do both.

Content marketing is powerful and earns money to you.

To sum it up, SEO is vast and you will be amazed to see how it is merged with numerous other fields of digital marketing. So, newbies and pros have to understand that SEO is the core of your online presence.

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