5 Essential Tips for Mac Users Working Remotely

5 essential tips for mac users working remotely
The Coronavirus crisis has altered most of our work routine, and it is crystal clear that things may take time to ease.  If you were using Mac in your office before the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic, chances are you are currently running your tasks on Mac at home. This shift to a new environment may not adequately tick your preference boxes, but you have to adapt. Let us look at some of the ways you can cope as a Mac user.

Try a Secondary Display

If you are used to a bigger monitor at your workplace and currently using a laptop, then you are likely feeling uncomfortable with the smaller screen. Of course, you can chuck out some cash and grab a bigger monitor to make your display large enough. There are several monitor brands of diverse sizes and prices to pick from in the market. You can use an iPad as your screen extension if you have one. MacOS Catalina and iPad models, especially those running on iPadOS 13, will make it easy to set up the iPad as your second screen.

Manage Notifications

While working, you need the utmost attention to whatever you are doing. Your concentration and work power will slow down if you have a series of distracting notifications. To cut down on these unnecessary distractions, navigate to the “System Preferences” section of your Mac and hit on “Notification”. Choose a suitable notification preference for each app notification. Make sure any notification preferences are only useful and less distractive.

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Don’t let Your Device Slow You Down

Your Mac device should run smoothly if you are to work from home with little interruptions. Remember, you don’t have the IT team to help you fix every issue. You have to adapt and stay on top of some problems. A common issue you might run into with your Mac computer is slow speeds. Well, you can use Clean My Mac to make it easy and safe to clean up your Mac disk and free up more space for better performance. It is also essential that you practice safe browsing best practices to avoid cyberattacks.

faster mac with clean my mac

Use Reminders

Unlike in the workplace office, your colleagues may not be there to remind and push you to work. You have to adhere to your to-do list and work on your own to hit targets. You can use reminders to help you stay on track. Fortunately, your Mac has an inbuilt Reminders app among some of the useful tools that can help as you work from home.

Keep Changing Your Environment

The working environment can be the biggest contributor to your output. Before setting up a work from a home office, make sure boundaries are set with your family. You can regulate this by setting up specific hours or rules to avert any avoidable distractions. They can text or knock if they only have a serious matter that’s worth interrupting. You should also position your home office away from external noises like that of a TV. If possible, use a headphone and switch on to focus on music.

[notice type=”info”]Tip: Don’t forget to take breaks from your Mac to avoid straining[/notice]

Wrap up

As we grapple with the COVID-19 situation, it is time to adapt to a new way of working. Working from home will be the new norm going forward. Remember that in a remote workplace, it is your onus to ensure you keep yourself healthy and productive.

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