5 Tips for Optimizing Web Design For Search Traffic

web-design-optimize-seoIt may seem like there are too many aspects of website design to keep track of just in terms of design and coding already, and you really don’t want to think about search traffic during the skeleton process. But the fact is, you have to start thinking about it sometime, so why not make it easy on yourself a start from the very beginning?

And if you’re not sure what some of those traffic-related steps are, think about the following five tips when you’re doing your coding and design.

Pay Attention to AdWords Capability

If you’re not already familiar with how Google AdWords works as part of an overall website design and marketing strategy, you should start learning right when you begin developing your website structure and basic content strategy. With a specific type of investing process and general knowledge of how processes like bidding for keywords works, you’ll have the idea of web advertising ROI baked into your original design from the very first time your site goes live.

Adaptive Website Design Is a Must

And because so many people are accessing website from both desktops and mobile devices, you have to design using adaptive formats. This means that your spacing, photos, and text will self-correct depending on the type of device the user is on. It used to be insanely difficult and require lots of coding to make this happen, but new templates and software techniques have made it easier than ever to start your website idea inside of this structure already.

Image SEO Is Extremely Important

No matter what your content is going to be, you’re probably going to have photos and images as part of your site design, and if you use photo SEO correctly, you’ll have an increase in visibility and traffic without even really having to do anything. As long as you do it from the beginning of the design process, it won’t even feel like any extra work.

Use Legitimate Cross Links Whenever Possible

As you are designing your site, remember that cross linking between your own pages should be as easy as possible. Sometimes this takes a little doing when it comes to the internal organization of your site, in that you’ll have to put certain pages and images under certain folders. Again, the earlier you set this up, the better.

Scan Your Analytics Regularly

One final tip for making sure you web design is optimized for traffic is by checking in on your analytics regularly. You don’t have to be obsessive about it, but every 24 hours or so during development, see what kind of traffic changes you get based on the design changes you’ve implemented, and then flex based on that.

By Micheal

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