6 Ways To Customize Your Laptop Inside & Out

You’re at a Starbucks, sipping on a coconut cold brew, when you finally look up from your Pro screen to cast an eye around the place. Then it hits you. Aside from the few outliers who are enjoying their coffees in peace — with not even a book to distract them — the rest of the café looks just like you: ear buds in, bullet journal out, and 15 inches of MacBook screen in front of their faces.

Whether it happens during the honeymoon phase or years into your MacBook ownership, the realization that you’re just like every other MacBook owner can hit hard. The knowledge that you’re just one of millions rocking the same minimalist look can get you down. You know you’re unique. It’s not just that you’re part of the Generation Snowflake—it’s because you’re actually made up of distinctive thoughts, opinions, responsibilities, habits, and hobbies that make you an exceptional human being.

Too bad nobody would know by looking at you in Starbucks or any other café you frequent regularly. Luckily, there are quick and easy ways to solve you issue. MacBooks are surprisingly easy to personalize, so we’ve made a list of our favorite ways to customize our Pros. And just to be sure no one mistakes your individuality, we’ve gone so far as to include some tips to tweak your OS, too.

1. Apply a Customized Decal

laptop customized deal

First order of business is hiding that silver chassis that you share with everyone else. There’s no better way to camouflage the fact that you’re using the exact same computer as your neighbor than by using vinyl skins. They can take on a surprising number of colors and textures, and they’re incredibly easy to apply and remove. That means you can design a whole wardrobe of MacBook skins to shuffle through as you see fit. Keep your friends and family guessing by ordering your MacBook Pro skins online, where the largest selection of styles is available. You can nab a sophisticated mahogany decal for when you’re feeling professional along with a neon orange carbon fiber skin for when you’re feeling frisky.

2. Match Your MacBook Decal with a NewmacOS Color Scheme

macos color schemeSay you’ve decked out your Pro in a true blue or purple skin. Why stop there when the uninspired grey of its chassis is replicated in every window you open? Head to System Preferences and click on General. Here you’ll find dropdown menus next to Appearance and Highlight colour. There are eight classic colors to choose from here, as well as Other just in case you need something more precise to complement your skin.

3. Download GeekTool to Transform Your Desktop

geektool desktopNerds, rejoice. There’s an easy and free way to organize your desktop in a way that speaks to your freak flag, and like the example shown above, you can even tweak the code to show off your love of Pokeman. Once you download the GeekTool application, you can create a theme from scratch, embedding objects, pictures, and vital information as fully functioning widgets onto your stylized desktop. In the past, people turned things like calendars, scoreboards, weather maps, and productivity apps into widgets, so their desktop is their go-to place for information.

4. Tweak the Touch Bar

tweak touch barYou probably think you’ve already Googled all there is to know about the Touch Bar. After all, you had to figure out how to get those function buttons back, right? But there’s a little known side to the Touch Bar that doesn’t necessarily have a practical application. You can play games like Chrome’s T-Rex Jump or classic Pong with your Touch Bar. All you have to do is search through GitHub, a place where software developers post all of their experiments

5. Suit up with a MacBook Bag

macbook bagsYou don’t have to wait to show off your personality until you open it up in public. You can put your sense of style on display whenever you take your MacBook out for a spin by choosing a functional yet fashionable carrying case. There are tons to choose from online, from practical bags that simplify your commute to less sturdy bags that capture that urban aesthetic you try to emulate. Whether you want to look like a ninja on his way to a job or a fashionista who belongs on the streets of NYC, you’ll find the bag you need.

6. Change up the Background Image in Windows

change background image windowsYou’ve heard of changing the wallpaper on your desktop, so we won’t even insult you by including that tip in our list. But we do have a twist on a classic that’s relatively unknown. In addition to customizing the look of your desktop, you can set the wallpaper of your windows. Open the Finder window and select Icon View. Form there you’ll want to click Show View Options. Your options include changing your wallpaper to a solid color (perhaps a complementary hue to offset your skin and bag) or an image (something that goes with your customized theme).

Though these 6 steps are relatively simple, they can have a profound impact on how your Mac looks inside and out. Test out which ones you want to take on so you aren’t just another MacBook owning face in the crowd, and let us know if you have any of your tips to customizing your Pro.

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