all-you-need-to-know-before-hiring-a-good-designerConsumers get flooded with all kinds of visual contents throughout social media and websites on a daily basis. In order to have your brand stand out from the crowd, its important to have your business generate high quality visual contents. Which means a need for a highly skilled designer is a must. Hiring a freelance designer can be a very difficult task. So how do you identify a good designer? In this article you will get all the information you need to know to find out the right designer for you.

Check out his portfolio

Looking at a designer’s portfolio or photos is the best way to assess his creativity, skills and style. Studying design samples helps you to determine the quality and range of their work. When you review these, you can identify a general design style that you like and probably go with it. If you like what you see in the portfolio, then go ahead and hire them to work the same magic for you.

Check on their performance

You need to establish that they are competent enough to take up your project. To do this, ask for referrals. Are they easy to deal with? Do they deliver in time? Do people enjoy working with them? Overall, you want to ensure that the designer you hire has good business ethics and is qualified enough to handle all the technical aspects of the project.

Share your vision

It is important to share your vision with the designer before assigning him the project details. State what you want from him and share all the project details as clearly as possible. This helps to avoid hidden costs. Prepare a budget beforehand and discuss it with the designer in order to be on the same page.

Ask for a quotation

In some cases, design service fee can be very expensive. Hence, it’s wise to check out the price before committing to anything. Also collect several quotations from a few designers so that you get an estimate of your project cost. Sometimes, all you need is to shop around in order to find the right person.

Have a sample work

In order to clarify what you really need to the designer, it’s important to have samples of what you are really looking for. Get some samples of their previous works and that will give you clear ideas of his capability.

Carry out the interviews

You need to shortlist and interview a few designers in order to select the best fit for you. Write down some questions beforehand, then during the interview record their responses and review them afterwards. These interviews don’t have to be so formal; you can conduct them in a cafe or even at your home.


If you’re working on a big project, it can be a good idea to arrange a small logo design contest. This will make it much easier for you to find a handful of skilled designer.

State your expectations

Some designers insist on having complete control of the project and like working with hands off clients. Other designers are more flexible in their design work and will allow you to follow what they are doing. Be sure to find someone who is the right fit for you from the beginning to avoid confusion and unmet expectations along the way.

Establish whether they are working with a team or solo

Find out if the designer is a solo designer or with a team. This will help you know whether you will be in direct contact with the designer or the project manager in case of a team.

Learn the processes

Find out how they would go about executing the project you have at hand. Inquire what the designer would like you to do, what they would like you to review or approve etc. Just ensure that the designer is able to take you through a step by step design process providing you with all the details you would like to have.

Have a realistic schedule

Allocate adequate time to complete your project. Projects that have been rushed never turn out as good as they would have if enough time was given to them.

Write it down

A contract helps to lay down the expectations of both parties involved. Once you have the contract from the designer, read it carefully and in case something is not clear, let them explain it further to you. It should state exactly what you are going to get out of the project, how you will pay for the project, what you are paying for and how much it is and how to get out of the contract in case there is need to cancel it.

Hiring a good designer can save you a lot of precious time and stress. Following these steps will ensure that you have all the background information needed to get optimum results from the designer. Most of these professionals are well-trained and well experienced in their field of work and if you select the best fit, you can rest assured that they will do a great job for you.

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