The Benefits and Challenges of Behaviour Change Campaigns

the benefits and challenges of behaviour change campaigns
Behavioural change campaigns are the timely messages that continue to inspire generations, and start conversations around sensitive societal frameworks. If you can’t quite place what they are, they feature through a mix of media and are typically commissioned by government bodies who are trying to promote behavioural change. Behaviour change campaigns are effectively achieved when it is a shared initiative by influential organisations and the greater community.

Strong messaging dueled with a reputable behavioural change consultancy agency can enforce measurable change. When there is behavioural change that needs to be brought to the attention and screens of the masses, here are the benefits and challenges you can expect.

Benefit: quality production and exposure

Promoting your behavioural change campaign through a consulting agency and production team will allow your message to cut through the noise. These initiatives need to reach saturation levels so that they can be discussed and delivered to groups across all demographics. Lesser-quality behaviour change campaigns fail to have their message land with impact, betrayed by the low quality content that they have produced.

Engaging a behaviour change agency to assist with the conceptualisation and rollout of your campaign, will help to achieve your production criteria and overall exposure. Sustainability Victoria’s ‘Love Food Hate Waste’ is an example of a campaign series that follows Victorian families and their efforts at reducing waste. The high level production value and local approach works to propel this message by being educational and entertaining.

Benefit: sparks insights and conversations

The core reason for instigating behavioural change campaigns is to spark insight, and start a conversation around critical issues affecting the community on a local or national level. The ‘Respect Women – Call it Out’ campaign comes to mind. It is concise and relatable in the approach, delivering a powerful message through such a simple, short scene.

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The intrinsic benefit of behavioural change campaigns afford you the luxury of leveraging the support of like minded organisations and individuals aligned with that purpose. Through supporting websites and resource centres, you can measure the exposure of your message and the level of engagement you have seen through your campaign.

Challenges: follow up communication

The biggest challenge behavioral change campaigns encounter is the absence of follow up communication. Depending on the message in question, most campaigns activity lengths are extensive and span several months with their media advertising. When the campaign’s media activity stops, it’s important to keep follow up messaging present in places related to the message. That can be schools, doctor clinics, hospitals or anywhere that will reach the intended audience. This will typically mean a shift from mass media to collateral media to support the message in a soft touch approach. When planning your campaign, account for soft touch activity after the larger media activity winds down.

Challenges: keep messaging consistent

We are fortunate in the fact there are multiple behavioural change campaigns out there in the public. It does, however, call for the need for message consistency across the campaign. No matter how intricate or niche your campaign is, stay within the guidelines of your message so that you can build awareness and familiarity faster. It can be tempting to lead with varying message sets to make the biggest impact – but this will only dilute your campaign objectives.

The benefits of behavioural change campaigns are extensive, but they are not without their challenges. Work to deliver a message that cuts through to the mass population, as well as secondary target markets, and keep this consistent through the right follow up information and engagement platforms.

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