The Best Guns in CS GO that You Should Master

Pro CS: GO players you normally see on a CS: GO gambling bookie have a good understanding of all things in the game. One of the things that matter the most in a game is the gun you’re using, and pros know that.

best guns in cs go game
If you’ve just started playing CS: GO yet you’re unaware of what guns could bring you on the top of CS: GO betting sites, here’s a list of the best weapons in the game.

1. AK-47

Of course, the AK-47 has to be on top of the list. It’s probably the most used gun out of them all, by all ranks. What everyone loves about it is its raw power when it comes to inflicting damage, but also the long range. It does have a little disadvantage of the recoil, and it’s also a little inaccurate, but practice makes perfect. Pros have been able to master it, so you should be able to do it as well.

2. Nova

If you don’t want to spend so much on a gun, a Nova might be the best choice for short range damage. It is powerful enough to kill instantly. The disadvantage with it is that if you miss the first shot, you might be killed and, more than that, it’s unable to penetrate walls. But if you practice enough, you won’t have a hard time with it.

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3. Desert Eagle

Desert Eagle is a pistol – and a good one at that. It’s one of the most used guns due to the fact that it can two-shot. Just make sure you don’t use it for a pistol round because if you don’t successfully get any kills or lose pistol round, it will have a bad impact on your team’s money. As long as you know when and how to use it, it can really come in handy.

4. AWP

Are you the type of person to be satisfied when you give someone a headshot in a shooting game? Then an AWP is definitely the right gun for you. It has just the perfect accuracy and precision to one-shot your enemy. It might not be the cheapest weapon in the game, but the price is definitely worth it for how much this gun is able to deliver.

best guns in cs go game 2
Do you want to take over online bookmakers and make people bet on CS: GO matches on your team? Mastering some of these weapons could bring you the so desired success, so do your best to get better at using them.

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