Designers That Taken Web Designs to Next Level

As a designer myself, the slight pixel details in web design can separate you from a normal designer or an over the top designer. i think i’m on the first roaster list. 🙂 ok i admit it, i’m a normal, your everyday designer. Improving the pixel details execution take years of practice unless you were born with it.

Practically illustration art that sometime captivate me and i’m thinking “man, this guys got talent, how did they do it?” but under the nose, you didn’t know it take them years of hard practice to achieved it. Many young designers now just thought

‘ok i am a great designer, i can do web 2.0. heck i just need to follow the trend and i’ll be fine’

well this kind of thinking will not be good long run for a designers. Follow trend is good but you need to brand yourself and make sure you had your own style.

Best example i’ve seen were around 99designs. i may not be the best designer there but i’ve seen lots of newcomer designer that really ticking me. Not only the designs are below standard, some designs were direct copy from other designers and when they get caught, a simple ‘great mind think a like’ excuse were used. That may be the reason why its been a while i’ve enter any contest at 99designs lately or maybe i’m just plain lazy 😳

Ok, enough about my after weekend rant 😈 , i’m here to show you some designers that take their website designs to whole new level.

Fully IllustratedMichael Heald
a super big fan of his work. Michael Heald is a talented illustrator and web designer, the animation depth execution were beyond your everyday designer.
Carrying_trade_site_layout_by_floydworxCsaba @Floydworx
A great web designer and illustrator. One of his/her design Carrying trade site layout are great, i love the brush effect and color tone of the design
energydesign_portfolio___for_sale_by_andasoloarts-d4rk3wdMichael Adler @Andalosa
The vibrant and colorful work by Michael Adler really fascinate me. One of my favorite is the Facebook redesign
balloniadaMichal Duszczyk
love the grunge feel and subtle texture used in web design. especially the balloniada design
Ocean10webgameJay Kwong
Jay Kwong had the designer touch on what we cover Korean designs last week. Love the use of fun and cute character in web designs.
a strong use of hero or human portrait in web design. Just a little bit of creativity touch to the images. it really did make some different.


Creative Web or Graphic Designers are hard to come by. Not only some great one already under big salary or big company payroll sometime they only worked on something they believed and interested. Well you know what they say, Great artist always had attitude, right? 🙂 but i do believe there’s more web designers out there that can be at the same level as these guys so do share them if you found one.

By Micheal

Owner and creator of He lives in Boston and love to work on Website Designs, Logo Designs, Graphic Designs and Icon Designs.

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i totally agreed. i’m a 99 member also and the quality of designs are getting worse and crowded. it push down all the good designs back for the CH to view

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