Do You Want More Flexibility Over Your Work? Here’s 8 Ways You Can Make Money Online

ways you can make money online

Are you unhappy with your 9-5 job? You certainly are not the only one as more people are looking for a flexible work schedule that fits their busy lifestyle. People are starting to understand the importance of a healthy work-life balance, and a structured work schedule can make this difficult to achieve.

However, the question still stands. Is it possible to achieve a more flexible work schedule? With the world of online work flourishing, it certainly can be. This article will discuss eight online job roles that could completely transform the way you work – forever.

Virtual Assistant (VA)

The role of a virtual assistant (VA) is pretty self-explanatory. As a VA, you would offer a service to a multitude of businesses and entrepreneurs who operate online. The tasks that you are given will vary between clients. For example, you may be asked to complete some admin tasks for one company and some financial tasks for another. One of the great qualities of a virtual assistant is that you can work remotely – and control the amount of work you want to take on. So, there is no pressure to overload yourself with a long list of clients if you don’t need to.

So, how do you become a virtual assistant? Firstly, you will need to choose the areas that you will specialise in. For example, you may be great at digital marketing but not so confident at graphic design. This will help you build a list of clientele suited to your skillset. There are also plenty of online courses that you can take to help you gain all the right credentials you need to become a virtual assistant. You can learn more about this through some online research.

Online Tutor

You can make an online income through a skill that you already possess. For example, if you are highly skilled at maths, you can become an online tutor. Teach others your skill and make a living from it in the process – it’s a total win-win! There are a few steps that you will need to take to become an online tutor. Firstly, you will need to determine your subject area, which should hopefully be pretty straightforward. You will then need to identify your audience. If you aim to teach younger children, you should be reaching out to parents and local schools. Make them aware of your tutoring service and start to build up a list of students.

You will also need to figure out the structure of your lessons. This will vary between different people. However, you need to find a system that works for you and is easy for your students to understand. Setting up your online tutor business can take some time. However, once it is up and running, you can start to make a living on your terms.


Last year was an impressive year for eCommerce in Canada. It was reported that there were over 27 million eCommerce users in Canada alone. This statistic is expected to continue to grow throughout this next year. So, why not use this to your advantage by becoming an online reseller? This job would involve you, as the reseller, buying goods that you would then go on to resell for a higher profit. The products would be purchased from manufacturers, liquidators, or other retailers. With the right knowledge, there is the potential to make a lot of money. The best part? You can work on a schedule that suits you.

You would need to get a reseller permit and research the state laws and regulations – so you don’t fall victim to any fines. Start to think about the kind of items you want to sell. Once you have a rough idea, you can determine which marketplaces you want to sell your products on. For this, it is recommended that you do your research. For example, if you wanted to sell art supplies, some marketplaces may be better for you to sell on than others.

Trading Crypto

It is likely that you have heard about cryptocurrency as it is a trend currently taking over the investment world. You can make an impressive income by trading cryptocurrencies with the right knowledge. But, how do you get started? You will first need to expand your understanding of the market. Take time to learn about the different cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and learn how to buy Bitcoin in Canada with the help of this useful guide from Wealthsimple. The great thing about cryptocurrency is that there is a wealth of knowledge out there for you to learn from.

There are also trading forums where other investors share their top tips surrounding different cryptocurrencies. It is important to note that investing your money always comes with a risk. Without the right knowledge of the crypto market, you could end up losing it all. So, if this is something that you are interested in, you need to dedicate a lot of time to research. Once you have a successful trading plan in place, you can say goodbye to that 9-5 job and hello to a new work schedule that is entirely on your terms.

Content Writer

Do you have a passion for writing? Why not turn this passion into your job? Businesses will always need content written for them, whether it’s a blog post, advertisement, or product description. One of the great qualities of content writing is that there will never be a shortage of topics that you can write about. If you are someone who doesn’t like the same mundane tasks each day, you will warm to content writing as every day is different. You can really vary your clientele, so you are always writing about a range of different topics each day. It certainly keeps it exciting.

Once you start building up a list of clientele, you have the potential to make a healthy living by doing something that you love. Take a look at some freelance writing tips online to help you get started. Don’t be afraid to use sites like LinkedIn to connect with others. Networking is vital if you want to attract new customers to your line of work.

Web Designer

If you have a lot of inner creativity, a web designing job could be the ideal solution for you. As a web designer, it will be your job to create and build web pages and websites. You will achieve this through the combination of several digital elements. This can be anything from images, text, animations, and videos. You may be asked to create a website from scratch. However, some jobs will require you to update websites that already exist.

There are a lot of skills required for you to be successful in this job role. You will need to educate yourself on web design theory and learn essential web design tools. Once you have the right knowledge of the industry, you can start to build up an online portfolio to help you attract clients.


Do you have a keen eye for detail? You could be making money from the comfort of your own home by becoming a proofreader. A proofreader can be hired by a range of different publications such as a newspaper or blog – the list goes on! One of the great things about this line of work is it is in high demand. The world will always need proofreaders. The goal of your daily tasks will be to identify any errors in copy, such as spelling mistakes. You would then be expected to fix them.

There are plenty of beginners guides that you can look at online to help you get started. It would help if you took the time to understand how the job works. To help you attract customers, it may help to identify your niche. For example, there may be a particular area that you want to focus on, like books. Try not to overwhelm yourself with too many areas as the workload could become complicated.

Voice Actor

Making money from your voice may sound like a strange concept, but it is certainly possible. If you have an engaging voice and can change and adapt how it sounds, a voice acting job could be your ideal role. A voice actors’ daily tasks would involve recording voiceovers representing a specific character or telling a story. You’ll find that your line of work will be regularly used in movies, podcasts, radio shows, animations, and so much more.

To be successful in this line of work, you will need a good microphone. You want to deliver the best quality possible to your clients. Start researching some of the best microphones on the market. There are plenty of blogs online that you can read. You will also need to learn how to market yourself. Social media is a powerful tool, so use it to your advantage. Show off your work and connect with like-minded people in the industry.

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