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Ever wanted to make your own avatar?

Well now you can, with FaceYourManga, you can create your own personalize avatar ranging from young, old, punk, rock, movie star and more.

Discover Faceyourmanga World

Today Faceyourmanga is the only large Social Application where you can create, modify, collect and share your Avatars.

Explore the Faceyourmanga world, discover the creations of other users; navigate and search among the most popular avatars.

Checkout some of their popular avatar


The World’s Leading Avatars Generator, now for iPhone and iPad.

The time has come! Faceyourmanga brings the web’s leading Avatar generator to the iPhone and iPad. Starting today you can collect vibrantly colored Mangatars wherever you are, have a blast creating hundreds of Avatars, save your creations in the Gallery or on your iPhone, modify them over and over, match them to contacts in your address book and share them on Facebook and Twitter.

…and guess what? my own avatar, ye know the smoking french like guy a36439cd255f3fd3d843e79fe2ad677c also created from FaceYourManga and above all, the avatar creation services are FREE.

fym-buyHowever if you love your own avatar creation, you can always purchase a 72dpi Avatar print version of it as low as $2.10 a piece.

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