Do not believe what people told you that freelancing is an easy business. Even though starting your own freelance career may seem intriguing and tempting at first, however it need more hard work and dedication than most people think.

Freelance always been label as job or career that self-employed and is not committed to a particular employer long term. You can work with a particular project for months and moved on to another one without any agreement contract that bind you to certain company. In most cases, the pay for the work are more than your normal day job. This is also one of the lucrative benefit of doing a freelance work.

Big company and start-ups often paid and willing to paid more to outsource their work from their in-house designers, developer or editor. Freelancer usually gathered with more creative and idea research resources. If a project is under tight deadline schedule then hiring a freelance will be more effective and they will be dedicated to meet the deadline. Trust me, one time i’d go for 48 hours none sleep mode to completed a coding work because the paid are triple that your usual coding pay so i can concur that the job pays also one of the motivation for a freelancer.

With all the tempting beneficial to switch to freelancing, there are few things you need to consider before quitting your day job and venture into unpredictable freelance world.

1. Are you financial secure?

if anyone told you that you do not have to worry about starting a freelance career without any extra savings or money in the pocket because the freelance ‘money’ will come to you then you’re a fool. In any situation, when you started a new business or career, you need to secure your financial and livings expense for yourself and family for a roughly 2-3 months from the day you decide quitting your jobs and started a new freelance career. Often in freelance convention, i heard the speaker, get up and said

Don’t be afraid, quit your job and start freelance, the first step is important!

Don’t let money and financial worry holding your back!

As motivated as the speech goes, they seem to forget some whom want to start a freelance career are family man and do not take a drastic decision as some of the younger audiences.

2. Focus on your niche skills

The great things about freelance is you can be anything you want. You can be a writer, a designer or a developer in your own time. However, its not wise to take on too many niche skills in particular day. If you’re hired to write a blog post, in the other hand, you’re hired to designed a large scale poster design that need much creative and attention and both had the same deadline, this will definitely effect your creativity in both writing and designing, i would suggest doing and accepted the job separately between week to be safe but if you think you can handle it then go for it 🙂

3. Self encouragement and motivation

If you want to start a freelance career, do not let yourself be afraid to compete with other agency or individual. 70% of agency or company are overload with work request so if there’s a project you think you can help them, present yourself as hired-able freelance worker and market or make an introduction to the company that you can help them by outsourcing the work to you.

4. Are you a team member?

Sometime you will be handling a freelance work with fellow freelancers so co-operation and leader skills are essential. Communication are important to completed a freelance work in time.

5. Use free time wisely

Just because you have many free time, doesn’t mean you can abuse it. Sometime you may only work 3-4 days in a week but don’t waste the free time. Do a research on how to improved your freelance career, make new online friends and extend your exposure. There are still lots of people out there looking for a freelancer to help on their projects. Well you did not have to worked 7 days a week, maybe take 1-2 days to stretch your leg, take a walk in the park maybe.


Freelance had it up and down. In some cases, a freelance who quit his job and started a freelancer career will get a better job offer so freelancing can also lead an opportunity for a better and higher pay job.

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