Five Creative Professionals That Can Boost Your Online Presence

five creative professionals that boost online presence
There could be a dozen different reasons why you want to boost your online presence. You might be the owner of a business that could use more clients, or you could be a sole individual hoping to make it as an expert or influencer in your chosen field.

In any case, your business wouldn’t see an ounce of success without the help of technology, and it certainly wouldn’t be successful without the help of these creative professionals who can help you get noticed online.

1. Graphic Designer

Anyone with a good eye knows the importance of graphic design for visual branding. Trust that whenever you need any kind of online announcement, poster, or banner, you’re going to need someone who knows more than a simple layout.

What you need is a professional who can fully capture your brand and integrate it in everything that you put out there. Social media is all about visual brand identity, and a graphic designer can help you build the right one.

Keep in mind that content with visual elements in them gets shared 40% more than posts that only contain text. Since you want a strong online presence, it’s a chance you just can’t take.

2. Video Production Expert

More than half of website visitors connect to a brand when they see well-produced videos on there. If you take into account the boom of Youtube and TikTok in recent years, you will understand the importance of hiring video production companies that are capable of translating all the best things about your brand into videos that people will actually want to consume.

In social media, videos means more engagement, which, in turn, translates to higher interest in your brand or the goods/services you may be selling.

3. SEO Professional

developing better seo brand recognition to boost awareness
You may have heard somewhere before that search engine optimization has become a fool’s errand. Now, while we did say that content with visual and video elements attract more engagement, this doesn’t mean that you can completely go rogue with your blog and copywriting needs.

Even Neil Patel doesn’t think SEO has died. The metrics and algorithms of search engines may be a lot harder to master nowadays, but all that means is that you have to hire the best SEO professional you can afford.

Think about this: when was the last time you consulted page 2 of Google or any other search engine? In the same vein, think about the traffic going to your site if you’re not on page 1.

4. Web Developer

Having a good, well-designed, and polished website has progressed from being a nice upgrade for any business, into being quite the necessity. Nowadays, people check your website not just to see where you’re located or how to contact you. They do it as a form of credibility check.

A misplaced tab or a broken link could set off an alarm that you’re not a legitimate person or business owner (even though you are) because media literacy is rightfully making people more discerning about the people and organizations they transact with online.

A capable web developer will allow you to avoid these mishaps and ramp up your credibility online.

5. Social Media Manager

Aside from maintaining a good website, you need consistent engagement on your social media profiles. Having ample online presence means posting once daily on Instagram, about thrice daily on Twitter, and answering all the questions potential clients and connections drop on your Messenger or Facebook comments.

social signals effect on seo
Whether you’re an individual content creator or the owner of a business, all this can get pretty overwhelming, which is why it’s a good idea to invest in a social media manager. This way, you don’t lose any of the organic engagement you can gain from social media. People tend to forget brands that do not respond to them right away, and your social media manager can make sure this doesn’t happen to you.

Final Summary

The internet is a wonderful place, and the potential for networking and building a client base there is simply limitless. However, it can get pretty overwhelming, especially without the help of the creative professionals on this list. Make sure you take the time to find the creatives you like and the ones that get your brand and can represent it well to the world, and you’ll find your online presence steadily growing.

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