Design trend is not something new for designers. From time to time, we will see a certain designing trend that increasingly adapt by designers. There’s the previous design trend like web 2.0, grunge and the ‘keep it simple stupid’ design methodology. Today i am going to show you a new design trend – ‘flat’. I will cover why ‘flat’ designs are good and more usable for designers.

What is Flat designs?

Flat designs is an perspective approach where minimalistic feel and layout with free space to allow the users easy navigation to the site and apps and focus their attention on the elements that is important. Bright contrasting colours for illustrations and the buttons pop from backgrounds easily grab the attention of the user’s eye.


Flat UI designs are easy to navigate and bring all the important element in focus. Color mix can be either light, pantone or bright angry colors but personally i think flat designs work best in bright color. Take for example. Microsoft’s metro flat design which combine a mix of bright colors such as purple, red and blue.


Let’s take a look at why ‘flat’ designs work best in website designs, icon designs and UI designs.

No more unnecessary effect

Flat design only consist element that simplistic with flat or plain colors, no more gradient, 3-dimensional and shadow effect. As a result it deals with a two dimensional nature, in which colors, typography and white space matter a lot.

Best for User Interface (UI)

Its easy to focus and navigate through. A unique and flat icons can be distinct from each other so users will know the difference between each sections or pages.


Easier to design and scalable

You all know responsive is one of the leading trend nowadays. People are not only browsing the web in desktop computer or laptop but also from their mobile phone. The simplicity and minimalistic of flat designs can easily make a website or icons scalable and responsive according to users mobile various screen size.

Improve accessibility and UX experience

Without all the distracting element such as shadow, gradient and flash. User accessibility and User UX experience will definitely increase. With a good combination of enough white space, user will find its not hard to browse your site and find what they are looking for.

It is Fresh and Modern

Even for a season designer such as myself, when i visited a website that apply flat design methodology in their web designs, i felt a breeze of new modern day designs. Everything look fresh, hip and stunning.



Final Conclusion

Personally i love ‘flat’ in icons and webdesigns. The look and feel about it make me want to redesign the whole mkels site to similar one. However in every trend, there is a downside of it. Not all web designers and developers are into ‘flat’ designs. Of course there’s always pro and cons on everything. Just remember flat design may look simple enough but it took some creativity and wise use of colors and white space to accomplice it successfully. well you don’t have to be a rocket scientist to know that right?

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