Take a Look at Google ‘FLAT’ Designs Principles Revolution

Over the years, google had made some designs impact on web community. They started their UI Design concept with ‘glossy’ and ‘fun’ and ‘detail-ish’ interface designs. When apple redesigned their site with a more ‘minimal’ and ‘less detail-ish’ concept, the Google design team started to bringing in some new idea on how their global ‘UI Interface’ should look like in the future.

Beginning from January 2012, Team manager Christopher Bettig and design/project lead Roger Oddone lead the Google design team and started to work on creating a solid, yet flexible set of guidelines for using its visual assets for both its vendors and its own designers. And it’s now released the results.

As you can see from the extracts shown here, Google’s been very much influenced by the current flat design trend


However there’s also a huge amount of detail on everything from recommended colour combinations to typography at small sizes. You can see the full guidelines, which cover product icons, logo lockups, user interface icons and illustrations here.

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