How Can Freelancers Better Optimise Their Time?

how freelancers better optimise their time
Time is precious for the self-employed, so finding ways to optimise work is always beneficial. And often, it’s the small things which can make the biggest difference. We’ve shared some of our best tips to help freelancers and contractors better optimise their time.

Set your working hours

The urge to work long into the night to maximise your earnings is always tempting. While this can work in the beginning, your productivity will inevitably start to decline over time. Instead of grinding away at all hours, set yourself a start and finish time. This doesn’t have to be the same time every day but having an allotted number of hours can help to make you more productive and will better optimise your time in the long-run.

Prioritise the important tasks

If you find yourself with too much on your plate, it’s not always easy to know where to start. Though it’s easy to start with the smaller tasks, this isn’t always the most efficient way of working and you may end up missing something important.

Getting through the most important tasks each day will ensure that you’re making the most of your time. If you’re having trouble managing your time, you could try enlisting help from an app. An app can help you to keep track of your priorities and keep multitasking to a minimum.

Ask for help when you need it

freelance outsource help
SJD Accountancy surveyed 359 contractors and freelancers to discover how they felt about doing their own accounts. Research revealed that almost 75% of self-employed workers didn’t have professional help. In light of this, to help you better optimise your time, you should consider which tasks you can outsource.

This could be something as big as your accounts, but even getting a helping hand with emails and admin can free up a big portion of your time.

Communicate with your clients

One of the best ways to avoid the back-and-fourth with your clients is to have all of the necessary information. Make sure you’re clear about what your clients need and negotiate a realistic deadline with them. This will help to properly optimise your time and save the back and forth.

Creating a template for your briefs is an effective way of reducing the time spent trying to interpret unclear instructions. There are plenty of online templates which you can amend to meet your requirements.

Plan ahead

One of the benefits of self-employment is the ability to work to your own schedule and you should make the most of this. If you know there’s a period of time in which you’re not going to be working, you should plan as far ahead as possible. Take care of the important tasks, be wary of taking on extra work and communicate with your clients in plenty of time.

By making a plan, you can better optimise the time you do have and work more efficiently.

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