How to Become a Successful Food and Travel Influencer

food travel influencer inspirationsBeing a food and travel influencer may seem like an unachievable dream, but it’s a career you can attain if you’re committed to it. Follow these tips to find success with social media and content creation.

Start Working

Becoming an influencer takes time. However, many people who would like to work in the area of social media and blogging or vlogging never really try. The first hurdle is to simply start working today. Reading this post and researching is a good start. Take notes about your goals and what you’d like to achieve, and think about the image you’d like to portray through your work. Think about the foods and places to travel you’d like to talk about.

Keep in mind that being a food and travel influencer doesn’t mean you have to start globe-trotting this afternoon. If you start a blog, go to a local restaurant, and write about it in the context of visiting the city you’re in, you’re a food and travel writer!

Keep Working

Consistency is key to building a loyal following. Don’t start with more than you can handle, but set a goal for how much content you want to produce and how often — even a post/video or two per week is a fantastic start. Just remember that online audiences are quick to forget, so you need to have a consistent presence.

Be Social

be social

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Social media is a must for influencers. In the food and travel space, Instagram and Twitter are essentials. Create accounts there, and consider Facebook, Snapchat, and other channels where your followers are. Use these social media sites to create content tailored to the platform. For example, don’t just plug your blogs or videos on Instagram, but take pictures of the places you’re visiting and the food you’re eating, either as a teaser for an upcoming video or article or as standalone content.

Understand Brand Awareness

If your goal is to not only be a food and travel blogger or vlogger but to also be an influencer who even can influence people to look up things like private jet card cost if you have the right target market, then you’ll have to think about brand awareness and building an audience. If a company eventually reaches out and wants to work with you, they’ll do so because they want your audience to learn about their products and services, thus generating brand awareness for the business, too.

You’ve got to build an audience and position your brand so that companies see you as a worthwhile influencer. To do this, make your content actionable — encourage readers to visit new places and try the foods you recommend. Also, let your voice shine through. The more personable and authentic your experiences are, the more your audience will connect with you. Achieving this will make you much more appealing as an influencer.

Making money through social media connections is possible, but it takes time. You’ve got to be willing to build a following and post content consistently, which means you might not make any income while you’re getting started. However, it’s totally possible to make a living by generating ad revenue on your content and working as a food and travel influencer if you keep at it and follow the pointers above.

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