5 Ways to Decrease Anxiety at Work

how to decrease anxiety at work
Did you know that the workplace can have a significant impact on an employee’s mental health? In fact, it’s believed 1 in 6.8 people are living with a mental health issue within the workplace, and women are statistically twice as likely to suffer from anxiety in comparison to men. For this reason, we are offering five ways an employee can decrease their anxiety at work.

1. Reduce Caffeine Consumption

Caffeine might help wake a person up in the morning, but it can also trigger various anxiety symptoms, such as an upset stomach, racing heartbeat, and shaky hands. Those who are already suffering from the condition may become more vulnerable to caffeine’s physiological impact. While you don’t have to give up caffeine altogether, look for signs so you know when to reduce your consumption.

2. Breathe

Taking deep breaths or meditating can often help control anxiety throughout the day. Even if you only perform the action for 30 seconds, it may help to release bodily tension and gain a better perspective on a situation. The next time work becomes a bit too much, or you have too much to do, take a moment to enjoy some deep breaths, which could help you feel calmer and more rational. There are also many great mobile apps to help ease anxiety, such as Meditation Oasis and Headspace.

Accordingly, if you would like to learn more about the potential benefits of meditation and how it can be used to ease the symptoms of a wide range of health conditions such as arthritis, chronic pain, and insomnia, you can find some helpful resources online by visiting websites such as Rolling Paper.

3. Mindfulness

Mindfulness prevents your body from giving in to the stresses consuming your life, as you need to focus on the present moment. Let go of any worries and concerns, and focus on the sights, sounds, smells, and textures around you. As you will not be thinking of what’s to come, you can focus on each task one step at a time, which will prevent anxiety and stress from impacting your life.

4. Medical Marijuana

Medical marijuana is available in more than half of all US states as it can help combat a variety of health conditions, such as arthritis, glaucoma, cancer, epilepsy and, of course, anxiety. Researchers at Harvard Medical School published findings from their 2010 study, which stated the drug could help to reduce a person’s anxiety, while improving their mood. Different strains of marijuana can also provide different benefits, such as Blue Dream, which provides a mellow, anxiety-free experience. Other types can also improve focus, energy and reduce stress.

5. Exercise

excercise at work
Many workers find it difficult to make time for exercise, as they are often stuck at their desks for many hours, and lead busy personal lives. However, exercise could help reduce the symptoms of anxiety. Aim to work out between three to four times a week to lift your daily mood, as a healthy body can often equal a healthy mind. Exercise releases endorphins, a feel-good hormone, which can counteract the stress hormone.

Anxiety can be a crippling condition, but there are ways to combat its effect inside and outside the workplace. Consider the above tips to improve your quality of life, and if you are suffering from anxiety, ensure you speak to your doctor and employer.

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