How to Find Your Voice When You’re Blogging

At this point, there’s hardly any business or marketer that doesn’t understand the importance of blogging, but knowing that it’s important doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re good at it.

As the world of digital marketing continues to grow and evolve, it’s essential to have not just a blog, but a blog that resonates with your audience. The best way to do this, and to stand out from the rest of the online content, is to have a voice that’s uniquely yours.

If you’ve ever followed a blog that does a great job of having a distinctive voice, you know how effective it can be as a marketing tool, but how can you achieve it for yourself?

how to find your voice when you are blogging

Be Honest and Transparent

Readers love honest, authenticity and transparency and these are key considerations in most marketing plans right now. Millennials, in particular, connect with content and businesses they feel are authentic and transparent. A good example of a blogger who does this well is penny stock guru Timothy Sykes.

He’s gained a tremendous online and social media following, largely thanks to his blogs where he shares his successes and failures in what seems like an honest way. It’s direct and free of fluff, and it works well for readers.

Accept That Not Everyone Will Love Your Blog

When you’re using a blog as a marketing tool, you may feel like you want to reach as many people as possible. Yes, this is an objective of marketing but at the same time, if you truly want your blog to have a voice that’s distinctive, you will have to accept not everyone will love it.

This is okay, because ultimately in marketing your objective isn’t to target everyone, but is to target your niche audience.

It’s okay if not everyone connects with your voice and your blogging brand, as long as the right people do.

When you’re writing, remove that voice in your head that says some people won’t like what you have to say so you should change course. Of course some won’t, but if you write a bland, generic blog not only will some people still not like it, but most people won’t connect with it.

Something else important to note here is how valuable it is to create an outline of who your ideal reader is. Take the time to sit down and sketch out exactly who you envision reading your blog, and ultimately who you feel your targeted customer is. When you have a reader persona, you can write as if you’re sitting down and speaking with that person.

Seek Inspiration

If you’re not sure of what your voice is, it’s okay to look around at other marketing blogs and see what writers are doing. This doesn’t mean that you’re going to be copying them, but it can inspire you if you know what you like and what you don’t like.

Finally, write about what you care about. This is something recommended by blogger Melyssa Griffin, and it’s important. If you’re writing about things you don’t care about just for the sake of having blogs, it’s going to show in your posts. Don’t ever write posts just to drive traffic. Write them because you’re interested in them, and you think your ideal audience will be as well.

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