Five Ways to Improve Your Workspace

how to improve your workspace
As an employer, it’s your job to ensure that your employees all do their jobs, and do their jobs well. To help them be more productive and invested in your company, however, you need to become more valuable to them. You want your employees to not only love working for you, you also want them to want your company to succeed out of their own interest. The first place you should look to improve employee morale is the workspace. Here are five simple suggestions to improve your workspace today:

1. Make it Safe

Before you can go forward with increasing your profits, you need to first ensure that the workspace is safe. This means that all equipment and structures are to regulation. It means that your electricals are order. It means that you have a set policy in the event of a fire or accident. It means adhering to the law. To go above and beyond always strive to be safer. For instance, you could offer to pay for one of your employees to take a first-aid safety course. In return, they could get a small benefit like a few extra days off or even a small bonus (for being the first responder in case of an injury). The safer your employees feel, the more they will be able to focus on their work.

2. Have an Anti-Harassment Policy

On top of having a safe building, you should also have a safe environment. Create anti-harassment policies that tell your employees what qualifies as physical, sexual, and emotional harassment (for any reason). Further, also outline the consequences for their actions and the protocols that victims can use to safely report their harassment.

3. Have Request Policies

You won’t be able to know everything that goes on in your company (especially when it expands). That is why you should have request policies. These policies can be anything from needing another printer to keep up with demand to requiring a replacement part from The process should be simple and it should be effective – meaning that you’ll have to review requests at the end of every day. Some requests will, of course, be rejected. To be fair, give a reason for every rejection and every accepted request.

4. Give Them Something Back

coffee and relax room office
Give them everyday benefits like free tea and coffee in the break room. Treat your employees to lunch occasionally. Have team-building exercises. The point is to increase the team dynamic and to give your employees something nice to look forward to.

5. Encourage Their Success

The best way to make your company more valuable to your employees is to make it clear to them that they can have a future with you. Always look internally first when looking for a new position, especially if that position would be considered a promotion. Help them achieve their goals both inside the workplace and outside it. A family helps each other succeed.

Your employees are what make your company. They are the ones that will make you grow. They are the ones that will help you succeed. Value them and their work, and in turn they will value you. The best scenario is one where your employees align their success with yours, like working with you, and want to stay.

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