Looking into Web Design Trends in 2013

Looking back over the years, web design trends had been influenced many designers around the world. I still remember back in 2008 when all the designers were buzzing about the effect of WEB 2.0 in modern website designs and logo designs.


Although even i must admit that WEB 2.0 did started the frenzy and trends of better website layout and website interactive designs. A brighter, colourful and more user friendly interface were born from WEB 2.0 starting trend extravaganza back in earlier years.

So here let’s look into what we can expect to be 2013 design trend

Trend 1 – Mobile Friendly Web Design

The concept were started when a prediction of 70% internet users will be using mobile phone like smartphone, iphone and ipad. Many developer are now been challenge to make their developed sites to be viewable in smaller screen other than desktop. There are 2 ways to achived a mobile friendly design.

1. Using css3 media query method
2. Building an apps for mobile application

Method 2 prove to be more complicated and need more experience developer. Site that are now using method 2 are Facebook, Youtube and Microsoft among many more. The website layout in mobile apps are different from using a media query method. If you have an iphone or smartphone, you could try go to the above mention site and compare them with normal desktop view. Because of its complexity, you may also want to look at software used for testing from companies like Inflectra in order to simplify the process.

How facebook site look in smartphone
How facebook site look in smartphone

Want to learn more about Mobile Design?. There’s an article about mobile first design in Designshack and the use of mobilefirst method when starting a new site development in A List Apart.

Trend 2 – The Pinterest Effect aka infinate scrolling

When people said “content is king”, this trend definately hit the spot. Infinate scrolling is a jquery method which autopagerize, unpaginate, endless pages. But essentially it is pre-fetching content from a subsequent page and adding it directly to the user’s current page.

in short and none ‘klingon’ term, it help show and load your content according to user scroll level without paging and without loading all the content at once.





Trend 3 – The we love mobile intro page

When user visit your site, first image they see will be their first impression. So the ‘we love mobile’ intro landing page had become more and more trendy in many business and services webpage.



Assistant App


Blip Me


Trend 4 – The Blur Effect

Who said everyone love crisp sharp image? sometime a blur images can add into the mystery of one site that can capture an audience attentions which can lead users to browse into your site services and content more. The curiosity always beat the rational conscience…hahaha!!!….its true…its true!!!

Data Driven London

Data Driven London Meetup



Trend 5 – The ‘Sexy Lady’ Effect

Well using a sexy appealing women in web design graphic wasn’t a new thing. Many clothing and accesories appliance company use this approach in their web design. However in recent trend, even normal website are using ‘sexy lady’ approach in their web element. Its not that i against it or anything, come on who doesn’t like to see pretty and sexy figure either female or male when visit one site..right?…right??..ok enough drooling 🙂

Fear The Grizzly

Fear the Grizzly

The Great Discontent


Trend 6 – The Big Unique Intrography

Big Text and Big Typography started when WEB 2.0 introduced to design community. Everything needs to be big and large even normal text need to be like 20px-30px at least. In new trend, designers love to combine element like images, illustrator or sketch with big and unique either hand sketch or hand writing type typography into introduction text. What we called Intrography

Grain and Mortar

Grain & Mortar



Flow Media

Flow Media

Final Thought

Web Design Trends can be unpredictable. We are still in early year, maybe in mid-year someone will come up with a different designs styles and how website should look in future, you never know, maybe its you!!! Above trends are just a list of web design trend i seen much often. People said a designer must never follow a trend and must have their own unique design touch. well no harm in taking some inspiration for your next designs project right? Hope you enjoy the read.

By Micheal

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