Choosing a hot tub is an insanely difficult chore. Who would have thought that it would be so hard to pick a decent one given their availability?

Sunbrella or Marine Vinyl – What To Go For While Picking A Hot Tub Cover?

A hot tub cover is an essential, integral element of any backyard. It keeps the water in your steaming pool clean, safe and tidy. These common traits are rather simple to achieve, but what if you wish to go beyond the standard? What if you want your cover to be pretty, fitting into both the interior as well as the exterior of its surroundings? Is it even possible to go for great looks without sacrificing functionality?

Let’s find out the answers to these questions and more together, shall we?

marine vinyl vs sunbrella which is the best material for a tub cover

Marine Vinyl

You can easily find decent protection today thanks to a plethora of available hot tub cover reviews. Alas, the wider majority of them focus on functionality alone without getting too deep into the aesthetic aspect. This is where this article steps in with an opinion on two of the largest fabric manufacturing brands available and fitting for our purposes.

Let’s start off with everyone’s go-to choice, the Marine Vinyl. This is one of the most popular solutions because of two factors:

  • It’s fitting in terms of purposefulness and functionality
  • It used to be the single available option for quite a while

There are some drawbacks however – manufactures usually don’t allow a choice when it comes to the grade of the material. A sad factor given that Vinyl differ one from another drastically. Your best bet would be to go for the 30 oz or higher.

Why’s it a bad thing? Because only the really pricy covers are worth your while. You won’t get a decent cover at an affordable rate.

Lack of colors is yet another drawback as most manufactures don offer anything else aside the usual six to none color pallet.


sunbrella hot tub coverSunbrella is an unexpected strike to the heart of Vinyl. Few manufactures support hot tub covers from it thus making Sunbrella fabric a rare sight covering a pool. Surprisingly enough those few outsiders are on point.

With Sunbrella’s vat experience in manufacturing of fabric for outdoor furniture they have both the skills and the experience to outshine the former king. Sunbrella covers are more resilient and have a longer lifespan than good old Vinyl.

That noted, Sunbrella is by far a better fitting solution for covers that will be under the light of the sun most of the time. You your pool is in California or Florida – you really don’t have another option.

That and the vast availability of colors in a pallet are an actual dream for any designer. Lack of availability is this material’s only real downside because few manufacturers are making pool cover out of it as for now.


If there’s any decent conclusion fit to line up this tiny comparison it goes as follows: don’t let the masses guide your path and make smart purchases that are fitting to your needs alone.

In simpler words – only go for the fabric YOU deem worthy.

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