Obstacles That Every Freelance Web Designer Will Face in Their Journey

freelance-web-designer-obstaclesWith every career choice and move you till be facing obstacles. Freelance web designing is exactly the same. Luckily, we are here to tell you about some of the most common obstacles that beginning freelance web designers will face as they start their journey. Hopefully you will think of this article the first time that one of these comes up. Just know that if you are experiencing these things (or have experienced them already) you are certainly not alone.

Learn to Love Learning

We get it: conferences, learning seminars, and even classes are not for everyone. But every freelance web designer must learn to love learning new things. It might be a new platform, language, CMS, or technology. But whatever it is, if it is best for your clients (and their clients) you will learn about it. Accept this reality early. Doing so can save you a lot of trouble in the future. It can also free you up to learn more about things you have always been curious about in the web design world. Delve deeper and try harder. We dare you.

Feeling Fine with No and Limitations

This obstacle is not limited to the experience of web designers. Instead, almost every freelance worker experiences it. When you first get started you will feel tempted to take every job you are offered. Saying no to someone due to workload, taking a break, attending a conference, working on another project, or because they ask for too much will seem hard the first few times. But keep doing it! You are your own boss now. Own it. Know it is OK to limit yourself and the amount of work you do each day. Listen to your body and your instincts, here, not just your wallet.

Keep Inspired

Inspiration is a huge part of the web design game. As a freelancer you might not readily have things available to you that other web designers in larger firms may have when it comes to inspiration. Instead, draw your inspiration from other sources. Join discussion forums and boards for web designers. Look at the work others have done (or are doing). Just take the time to sometimes admire simple design work (not just the kind you see online). Most importantly, share what you are doing and working on with others. To get inspired, you must contribute to the inspiration of others.

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